sadglasses: a depressing poem

Day 251 - Sunglasses

it took me forever to get to the police station.

and i wasn’t going for any glamorous or scandalous reason.

just a criminal record check.

it was so far away.

and the buses don’t run often enough.

so on the way back I waited an hour for the bus.

it seamed they had all vanished.

and all the phones were silent.

no one could pick up it seamed.

finally the bus arrived.

there was an accident.

the roads were closed.

and so I sat on the bus.

by myself.

and put on my sunglasses.

even though it was the middle of winter.

and the sun had long since set.

so that no one would see me cry.


It felt really good to write this. I’ve had a tough few weeks. Glad to have a supportive community around me.

Death Bear to the rescue!

My Mom just put me onto “Death Bear”. This guy dresses up and then comes to your house to take away things that give you painful memories and to help you move on. It’s a little morbid but he does it all for free out of the goodness of his heart which is pretty cool. What a creative way to get over something. Also, his name sounds pretty epic. Yayyy for performance art!