Dear Future Best Friend,

Dear Future Best Friend,

I’ve had many friends in my lifetime but i’ve yet to have one i’d call my very best friend. I know you will have many of the qualities I love so much about my other friends and relationships. I’m going to tell you some of the things about us I am looking forward to.

We will have many things in common that we can share and talk about. We will do things together. When I am excited about something you will listen and when you are excited you will share. We will talk on the phone and hang out in person. We will spend time at each others houses and know each others parents. It won’t be a big deal if I come over unannounced or crash at your place. You will be welcome at mine. When we have sleepovers there will be cuddles, tickle-fights and maybe even the occasional back massage. We’ll get changed in front of each other without it being weird. We will wear each others clothes and not worry about returning them. There will be frequent hugs and unconditional love. If I upset you, you will tell me and accept my apology when I say sorry, because i’ll mean it. We’ll send each other text messages and sometimes stay up talking until we fall asleep. You’ll have your own hobbies and interests that are different from mine. We will support each other, you will come see my shows and will actually watch/listen to/read the books, songs, videos and movies I recommend. You will show me the books/movies/songs/videos you like. You will invite me places and will try to come (when it is possible) to the places I invite you to. If either of us wins a trip there will be no question as to who the other is taking. If we’re ever at a party and things get awkward i’ll come talk to you and that will be okay. We’ll go on adventures and try new things together. We will have time apart because sometimes I need to be alone, and that will be okay. If I need you it won’t matter how late it is or what we have to do tomorrow. You’ll laugh at my jokes and make funny remarks of your own. You will appreciate a good pun. We’ll watch movies together and talk about them after. Sometimes we will have matching articles of clothing. You’ll tell me about your life and listen to the interesting things that happen to me. You’ll make fun of me and i’ll make fun of you and then we’ll laugh at each other and ourselves, together. You’ll be honest with me without worrying about hurting my feelings. We will treat each other the same when we are sober and intoxicated. We will have other friends. They may meet. We will exchange Christmas gifts. We’ll sing and learn dances off the internet and make things together. If you hear people saying mean things about me you’ll stand up for me. We won’t have secrets from each other, but instead with each other. It will be fun.

I realize that either I just haven’t met you yet, or we know each other but we have yet to reach best friend status. Either way, I can’t wait to know you (better) and enjoy your company.