Woofs of Wisdom

I went to a storytelling event. It was really amazing to hear all of the stories… There was sadness, happiness, and mystery in all of them.

The biggest thing I took away was not from a story though – it was from the dog. When I was younger I was afraid of dogs. It took me a long time to get comfortable with dogs but now I am often the person a dog will spend most of the night getting rubs from. I like to think it’s because I am vegan.

Usually when I am with an animal ( dog, cat… any animal) I try to lure it closer to me, to sit on my lap or next to where I am sitting. I realized that instead of trying to force the dog to sit by me, I could move to accommodate the dog. And I did. I got to sit in a new place and discover something new. By listening I find that I can discover so much : )

About a Dog

Yesterday I was coming home and it wasn’t dark out yet so I decided to walk. I enjoy having these occasional introspective walks home, thinking about things and putting it all in perspective. I saw this little dog sitting in a window sill. I passed several other dogs and they all barked at me but this one was just sitting silently, watching. I wrote this poem about him.

I sit here quietly in the window sill

watching the world go by.

just quietly watching this busy road

and the people passing by.

I used to run along that street

but now i’m tired and have sore feet…

I sit here quietly in my window sill

thinking of you