Movie Binge

I’ve been really sick lately. I couldn’t sleep. So last weekend I watched movies.

Nowhere Boy: I really enjoyed this film! I’m not sure how factual the storyline was but it was very well done. Someone really took care with the art direction and framing, which also made it stand out to me. I spent the first half of the movie trying to place the lead actor, and then I realized (okay, maybe I IMDB searched him ahah) he was in Kickass! What a difference! haha, very well done though, definitely a recommended film.

Dogtooth: This is a very strange movie. Very good. But very strange.

It deals with two parents who keep their adult children at home and teach them lies about the outside world. Of all the movies I watched on the weekend this one has stuck out the most to me. It was disturbing, funny, and makes for a strange caricature of modern society. There are so many things the family could represent, so much symbolism. This one would be fun to go analytical on.

It is interesting that this is a foreign film, so part of the strangeness may come from cultural differences, and I think part of it is intended.

Garden Party: I really liked this movie! I had wanted to watch it for a long time, after seeing a series of youtube videos they posted as promotion. They paid actors in Hollywood $100 to tell their sceezy stories of the saddest things they’ve done to get paid. There were some pretty funny ones.

It’s interesting because in the marketing and synopsis they really highlight Willa’s character and how she is trying to find a normal way to make money, however I didn’t think that was a very prominent part of the film at all. For me what really stood out was the struggles surrounding sexuality. Confused, abused, using, taking advantage of… The film really shows the ways we are all using eachother. It also led me to an interesting revelation. In society, we like to punish the oppressor. You do something bad, it is your fault. However, strange as it sounds, I really feel like the oppressed party plays a role in that relationship. Who gives power to the oppressor? How are they able to carry out their bad deeds? Perhaps if we stopped enabling people and giving them power over ourselves, we would have less challenges surrounding power. So much to consider!

PS: I could only find this “garden party true story”… but there were some good ones!