Vegan Adventure: Tori’s Bakeshop, Toronto

I am writing this from the lovely Tori’s Bakeshop in Toronto. It is adorable, fully vegan and I am in love (not just because soft French music plays in the background on this Sunday morning)




I had a delightful cinnamon bun and an Australian drink called a flat white. And a lovely overheard conversation about living in the coolest cities in the world. Smiles.


As I write this it is 5:40AM. I just got home and am so grateful to have such amazing friends and know such awesome people that always have assured me a place to stay or a safe ride : )

I am giggling (perhaps because of this interesting hour) unavoidably at the irony.

Think of all the times you have been awake to see the clock at 5:40 AM. Think of all the various circumstances that have led to you being up to see the time at this hour.

Maybe you were with many people, or  with just one person. At the airport coming home, or at a party saying goodbye. Doing stupid things, or doing silly things. Waking up, or going to bed. Laughing or crying. Talking or sitting in silence. Online, or so far from the reaches of technology… I could go on. Isn’t it ironic, the way things work out?

I love it, it keeps me entertained : )