Today’s Epiphany

Dr. Stephen Covey, one of North America’s most respected, widely read and frequently quoted leadership experts, and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , defines leadership as:

Communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.

I came across this quote as part of a leadership program I completed at SFU and I started making connections to the process of acknowledgement but I did not fully realize this connection until today.
Today it was made clear to me that…

if I just change my own behavior and use my aptitude for positivity to acknowledge others, then I can fully realize my potential for unconditional love.

By living with an appreciative mindset I notice and become attuned to the good in others and BY DOING THIS I can model how other people can do this as well. Then, they will also notice and become attuned to the good in others and (more importantly) themselves.

The thing I love most about the phase BE LOVE is that I continue to understand it on deeper and deeper levels.

Please watch the videos that SuperForester Matthew posted from the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference of Matthew and Terces Engelhart HERE.

I think i’ve seen this about 10 times and I STILL get stuff out of it. MAGICAL. Seriously. We create each other, so make us beautiful.

This insight also came out of a three day workshop I am completing and book I read called Clear Leadership. Good stuff.

So, what do you want to be acknowledged for?



The Epiphany of Epiphanies

Currently I am reading John Green and David Levithan’s collab book “Will Grayson, Will Grayson”. It is fantastic and hilarious. Go read it. At one point that characters are discussing epiphanies. This got me thinking…

My own personal epiphany came in the form of the movie ” Titanic”. Ask me about the story sometime, it’s quite entertaining (in my humble opinion hehe). Anyways, I have also been thinking a lot about being the person I want to be. There’s a really good quote that I can’t quite remember… basically you shouldn’t be worried about what people say about you or how they think of you. You should think of the person you want to be and do your best to embody that. I think I want to be the type of person that shows people their epiphany. I could be an epiphany fairy or something… going around with my magic wand… or foghorn… yes definitely foghorn, blaring epiphanies into people’s ears. Then they’ll all realize how important it is to make a difference, to live consciously, to try.

Your individual beliefs will never change the truth, but truth has the power to change your individual beliefs, if you let it.

– Bryce Bushman

I know that we all make a difference everyday but sometimes I have to remind myself that people all have their own limitations. It’s hard when I see someone eating their disposable lunch made with the products of animal torture wearing their sweatshop clothing. Part of me wants their sandwich to get run-over by their gas guzzling SUV but then that wouldn’t have any lasting impact. It wouldn’t make them have their epiphany. Some of the most loving and amazing people I know contribute to world problems. I contribute to world problems. I think the point is that we all have to do enough good to out weigh the bad. And maybe if we put enough love and kindness back into the world people will start having epiphanies. At least, I hope so… (and not the Sweeney Todd kind either).