Cool Immersive Apps and Experiences

Lately I have been introduced to a bunch of really immersive media experiences! I wanted to share some of them with you.

I recommend closing your eyes, finding a comfy, immersive chair, and experiencing the following…

The virtual haircut is an interesting experience. Didn’t work for me at first so try to find some good headphones for this one.

GO DOWNLOAD THE INCEPTION APP. I almost bought an iPhone just to use this. I honestly have had so many crazy experiences with this thing. One of my friends cried while using it and at first it really scared me but it was definitely worth trying and experimenting with.

RJDJ is another cool sound based app! You can make your own songs and have some really cool experiences!

Walking in Brugge
If you want to have a low-tech immersive experience you can take a “sound walk”. According to this website

A form of active participation in the SOUNDSCAPE. Though the variations are many, the essential purpose of the soundwalk is to encourage the participant to listen discriminatively, and moreover, to make critical judgments about the sounds heard and their contribution to the balance or imbalance of the sonic environment.

In order to expand the listening experience, soundmaking may also become an important part of a soundwalk. Its purpose is to explore sounds that are related to the environment, and, on the other hand, to become aware of one’s own sounds (voice, footsteps, etc.) in the environmental context. A soundwalk may be scored in the form of a map which the participant uses both to guide the route and draw attention to features of acoustic interest. The map may also act as a score, directing the performer’s listening and soundmaking activities in a way that is not limited to a specific locale.

Basically, don’t talk to anyone, don’t get lost inside your mind, walk, and listen. It’s sort of like a very active form of meditation.

Lessons from this semester

Lessons from this semester: (or at least I hope they are lessons and I don’t repeat the same things over again)

  1. Getting what you ask for and getting what you want are not the same thing.
  2. To figure out what you like, you need to experience what you don’t like.
  3. Some things in life are scary. They are often the most rewarding things. Don’t be a pussy.
  4. Failing = Learning (and if life is about learning, then failure is success)
  5. There is a time and a place for everything.
  6. Follow your heart and you intuition. If something feels like a bad idea, it probably is… don’t be stupid (but if you fail see #4).
  7. Don’t walk in the mud with nice shoes. Metaphorically and literally.
  8. DIPLOMACY is an amazing skill to have. (Must. Work. On. This.)
  9. 720p and 1080p are NOT the same quality. (see #2).
  10. Positivity and gratitude are always the answer.
  11. When other people disappoint you, it is an opportunity for you to not disappoint others. (see #2).
  12. Criticism is awesome, it helps you learn. (however see #5).
  13. When challenges come up: recognize them (do not dismiss or ignore them), accept them, find the opportunity they present, and practice gratitude.

That is all. For now.

Oh! and don’t forget to dance! : )

What we really are…

I’m going to preface this by saying that I believe we each create our own reality. Our world and everything we know is made up of perceptions which we create and control in our own minds. The way we experience life is defined by the way we view the world and the various lenses we see it through.

Shadow Puppets

via Cayusa

Last night I had some really amazing thoughts. It is interesting how we create our experiences of the world. I think that if you make yourself comfortable and take yourself to a certain mental state, you can experience the world and your thoughts in a different way. But what does that mean, right?

Example. I am sick right now. I have congestion which is making my experience of life a little different right now. Standing and walking feel funny, sounds take longer to find my ears… I am aware of this new way of experiencing life I have been pushed into. Because of this sickness I did not sleep right away, but rather drifted in and out of consciousness. I could hear noises filtering into my room from the rest of the house, not really aware of what I was dreaming and what was “reality” (though because I create my own reality, I suppose it was all real). Because of the experience I was having I allowed myself to be more in touch with my imagination.  The shadows on the walls communicated with me. I had a conversation with a mosquito, which was actually a conversation with myself…

The way we view and perceive other people is really just an extension of how we perceive ourselves. When you chose to like or dislike a quality in someone else, you are really judging and creating your own character/personality. When someone else gives you an idea, you are really giving yourself an idea, via your perceived projection of them.

The mosquito was really just an extension of myself that I was communicating with, a projection of my own thoughts and energy.

Because I believe we each create our own reality I feel that the way we create this reality is very important. For example, if I consciously decide to be a point of positive energy and manifest joy in the world, that will become my reality. It’s sort of a “you are what you eat” situation. By choosing positivity and joy I become positivity and joy. I kept thinking about this. In my mind, I often find myself creating metaphors and ironic situations to explain and interpret the events in my life. It is quite the comedy in my head. Last night I took this further though. If I create metaphors and irony, I become metaphors and irony.

If I am a metaphor, what do I stand for?

What is the irony of Jenni?

I guess the beauty of it is that I get to decide : )

I find it interesting that I felt like I was “on something” but really I had just conditioned myself to being open to having that sort of experience. If you make yourself open to things and live consciously you can have any experience you desire, just by connecting with certain parts of yourself. So, what are you open to? What do you want your experience to be?

Every Semester Needs…

  • a sick day
  • a hot TA
  • a Dance Party
  • a field trip (even if it’s just for an afternoon)
  • a new friend
  • an early morning
  • an all nighter
  • a movie night
  • a beer
  • an internet outage
  • noodles
  • an energy drink
  • a lesson to learn

This is from my experience at University at least. What about you?

boycotting write offs.


Recently I was thinking a bit about “write off’s” and something in the video above reminded me I have been meaning to write about it (pun is appreciated but unintentional). When we have a bad experience we tend to write it off and attempt to avoid it and ignore it in the future. We do this with people and places, organizations and things.

For example, say I have a bad experience on a street. Then I do everything I can to avoid this street. I may save myself from the discomfort of having to think about my bad experience and I walk in places where I am not afraid but i also limit myself. Now there is one less avenue I can walk on. The same goes for people. We sometimes avoid people or things we have bad experiences with but we miss out on their unique and special contributions to the world.

Don’t give up on things. Everyday is a new beginning and a reinvention of it all. You only limit yourself.

I think my boycotting days are over.

What are you avoiding? What are you missing out on?

First Time…

The past week has been full of firsts. I met so many cool new people and had many adventures (both short and long). For the first time I…

    1. went without shoes for a day
    2. tried an Oshinco sushi roll (not a fan fyi)
    3. had a public transit sing-along (Don’t Stop Believing FYI)
    4. drank red wine
    5. went on a golf course
    6. studied at Breka (the 24 hour bakery in Vancouver)
    7. played poker
    8. played chair tag
    9. was at SFU Surrey Campus past midnight
    10. saw a play in Vancouver (Truck)
    11. saw Batboy the Musical LIVE

I’d say that’s a solid top ten : )