Talks on Education

This past month I presented at ICE: The Inter-University Conference on Education. Some of the talks from this event have now been posted online.

This was the only talk I was present for but I really enjoyed it.

I strive to create conditions in which you might learn.

Wise words from a wise prof.

More talks can be found here:

My Workshop at ICE 2011 – Learning from Life: Unleashing Unconditional Happiness

UniverCities Conference from above

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at the Inter-University Conference on Education. Apparently my session was one of the most popular! Around 30 people attended and the evaluations I saw were very positive. Here’s some more info about my presentation:

Learning from Life: Unleashing Unconditional Happiness with Jenni Rempel
By separating external events from personal experiences, it is possible to open a way to seeing life as a path way to unconditional happiness. This workshop will explore circumstantial learning, techniques and tools to look at life and perceived obstacles as opportunities for growth and development.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRESENTATION: Learning from Life: Unleashing Unconditional Happiness

The main points I was sharing were related to choosing happiness and creating a positive life. I also brought in some laughter yoga techniques as I do at all of the workshops I facilitate.

I showed a clip from this lovely lecture:

And I also played zen meditation music as people entered to set the mood.

It was really beautiful. Just sitting in the room with the sunlight sneaking in. And listening to people talk about what they are grateful for. I am blessed.

One of the main points I covered was the Cafe Gratitude Clearing Process…

So basically, it’s a conversation to get you to be present, in the moment, and living an amazing life.

There are two people: The Clearee and the Clearer.

  1. The clearer asks the clearee some variation of “what’s stopping you from being present?”, there are many ways to say this… “what’s in the way of you being here right now?”… “what are you resisting?”…
  2. Then the clearer repeats back what the clearee says VERBATIM. Simply let them be heard, without judgement, advice or opinions given. Do not paraphrase or change what they say. The clearer tries to get the clearee “out of their head an into their heart” by asking them how they feel and putting an emotion to it (letting go of anything conceptual or anything other than their experience).
  3. The clearee breathes in the emotion they are feeling, and then exhales and lets it go.
  4. Then the clearer asks the clearee a different question. Some variation of “what are you grateful for?” or “what do you love about your life?”  … “what inspires you?”
  5. Then the clearer acknowledges the clearee and tells them something empowering. Thank them for being there and be moved by them.
  6. And then they switch! That’s it!

If you want more questions visit this google group, they email two new ones out daily:

There is a much more detailed description of this process in the books “Sacred Commerce” and “Kindred Spirit” by Matthew and Terces Engelhart. They also have a DVD about clearing that was recently completed.




I read a book called Emotional Clearing…

Body Chakras


pain is the simplist method of identifying addictions

You attract people who make you conscious of your addictions.

If processing has not brought transformation, discuss feelings.

It’s OK!

Accept Feelings, Accept Conditions, Change Conditions

“If you have not developed your capacity for loving yourself, you will be lonely regardless of who you are with.”


Sometimes the only thing between ourselves and happiness is just that, us. We create mazes in our minds and go on complicated journeys only to see it was right across the way all along. I am so grateful and blessed to have left the maze : )

A friend sent this to me. How very true.

I hope this Monday brings you joy : )

Kwan Seum Bosal!


Positivity Wave!

Wow. It’s so funny. Life is so rewarding sometimes!

You put these “intentions” out there into the universe. Things you want and wish for… Just little things like meeting someone new or having someone acknowledge something about you. Or big things like going somewhere or accomplishing something. And they become real. And it’s amazing.

One of my Mom’s friends just called. She wasn’t home so we exchanged words and they told me how i’ve “really changed”. I asked in what way. They told me it’s my positivity.

Serious, this stuff is amazing. It just lifts you up and lets you sail along. Check your perspective. Change your attitude. Then do the same for others. Cause it spreads like wildfire. And will carry you as far as the eye can see. And beyond. And take you to places you never thought you’d go. And teach you things you never thought you’d know.

Really, it’s just learning to BE : )

And acknowledge people. And inspire them. And love them. And yourself.

: )

How to live better

So I just came across this post on The Sun Shines On Blog from Yes! Magazine (which I must find out more about!). The past 12 months have been the happiest of my entire life and I really believe that it is a result of learning how to live better.

I took an acting course last semester at University and I found that many of the things we worked on could apply to life. Things like choosing a focus. One small goal to keep in mind so that what you do has purpose. I find that the days I actively engage in these practices are more fulfilling. I’ve had tons of little goals. Thing like sounding like I mean it more when I say “Thank you” and saying hello to people I pass… each day is a work in progress of a beautiful masterpiece.


I think in life, with our multitude of experiences, we encounter different levels of connection. Connection with people, with situations, with animals, with nature, and with objects. I think happiness comes from the things we have a high level of connection with. Our favourite foods, favourite friends, and good memories all have resonance with us and impact our lives. I feel that perhaps the secret to happiness is to seek connection in the world.

I think i’ve posted this before but I was reminded of it today : )

My Lover

I have just officially started a deep relationship. Today is not the beginning however. For many years now I have been romanced with sunsets and sunrises. I enjoy sweet gifts of perfume and fragrance from the flowers and trees. The kisses of the wind and a soft embrace of a summer’s day have always been special to me. Each morning, evening, daytime and night time is another chance for us to be together and allow our love to grow. We are together under the cover of stars at night (which often align).

The love I recieve is so bountiful and filling. I only hope that the tiny things I do to repay and reciprocate this love I receive amount to even half of what I am given. I am so grateful to have all my needs satisfied. I have been given so many opportunities and they allow me to grow and learn each day. They feed, water, clothe and shelter me from the storm. I am humbled and awestruck by the beauty which surrounds me. It gives me butterflies, but in fields and gardens, not my stomach.

Some people call it the almighty, others call it mother nature. Some think it is magic. I feel that the universe is my lover. Honestly though, it is ever bigger than that. Our universe may be one of many. There is no word that I know which describes everything. All encompassing and inclusive, this entity I speak of has a deep place within my soul.

“All good gifts around us, are sent from heaven above…”

– ‘All Good Gifts’ from the musical Godspell