Acting Workout: When can I “do” something?


Today I had my first acting class downtown with Dolores Drake. I am in her class called “The Professional Acting Workout”. I got to be downtown at night which I love, but not the late kind of night (though I got to do that too) but the sunset time of night. The twilight. When the orange (the pretty kind, not like the CMYK kind) kissed the pavilions and the streetlights and the building’s edges.

I learned so much and I really had a positive experience! So many questions and answers.

 I was wondering about how to know when you “can do” something. For example, an accent. Or a special skill. Like playing guitar. When am I competent enough and proficient enough and confident enough to put something on my resume. I suppose I could think of acting as similar to other types of jobs this way. If I don’t want to be hired for 3D Modeling, then I won’t put it on my resumé. If I don’t feel comfortable playing clarinet for a casting director, I probably shouldn’t advertise that either. My teacher brought up some good point too about getting feedback and confidence. Do [insert skill here] for people and if your peers, friends, classmates, teachers, etc. compliment you on your work, then it is something you should promote. Do you believe yourself and feel confident?


That reminds me… during the winter break this year I went on the trip to Whistler with some friends and for some reason (I can’t recall if this was before or after the alcohol but neither would surprise me) I spent a large portion of the evening pretending to be Australian (because SO MANY people we met up there were from down under). I went to a cafe with an accent (where the owners were legit Australian), I bought lift passes, I went to a bar… I drank more alcohol. LOL.

I got to read three parts today in class:

  1. A short bit from Brent Butt’s CBC show “Hiccups”
  2. A scene from a TV movie where I worked at an eyeglass store.
  3. I am now working on the role of “Lynda” from Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley

I really enjoyed the class for a few reasons. Everyone is very talented. People are working. One of the guys from the last class I attended was in a commercial I saw on TV  recently! Cool! (I still get a bit starstruck : P).

Also, I really like working with Film and Television material. I was reflecting on my time so far in the SFU Theatre Program and I noticed that often with self-directed scenes from plays I couldn’t “figure it out”. What does this line mean? How do we make the scene interesting? I needed a director or outside eye to help me put things together. Perhaps it is because of all the short film work I have done from a Director and DOP standpoint, but I really “got” the scene today. There were a couple times when the rest of the class was confused but I “got” it. That felt good, to be in on the joke. To understand.

I started to see myself in roles while rehearsing in class today. This has been a struggle with me in my ongoing journey wondering if/how I should pursue acting. I am a character. I fit into role. THAT COULD BE ME.

Overall, beautiful, wonderful day. Job well done. Mission accomplished. YES.

Love Is (a poem to sing)

apart by By iwillwreckyou on Flickr

apart by By iwillwreckyou on Flickr

Love is

not about a boy or a girl or somebody,

love’s about all of us – everybody! C’mon.

Embrace love.

Love’s about moments like these everyday,

Sharing our joy in EVERYway – C’mon!

Sing out love.

Something that comes from me and you

A laugh or a smile – anything you do can be love.


Having moments / Sharing Moments / Embracing Moments – Love, who knows it! Love goes it.

OH, love shows it.

Yeah, yeah BE LOVE.

I wrote this the day I found out I was going to see Jason Mraz for free as part of an explosion of joy I had : )

A Poem on a Train to Portland

train tunnel

train tunnel by artnoose on Flickr

the inside of a mile-long tunnel,

looks a lot like night.

the path we tread has a lot to say,

about our outlook on life.

even in the night,

you must believe there is a light,

and you’ll see it at the end of the day,

or if you’re lucky,

you can see it in everyone, in every way.


Grateful for today. Grateful for scrabble.

Awesome things about today:

  • Dreams that feel like reality
  • Manon Pouget
  • People caring about you
  • Mountains
  • Handstands
  • Talking
  • Accomplishing goals
  • Improv
  • Rain
  • Commercial Drive
  • Wisdom from others
  • Scrabble
  • RAIN.
  • Laughing until it hurts. Really. Really. Badly.
  • Crazy sleep deprived inspiration
  • Vegan Coconut Ice Creme
  • Hipster music
  • Being safe, being happy, being surrounded by awesome people : )


There is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

Everything happens for a reason.

“Yes, it’s all for the best”.

10 Amazing Things at 10AM

It’s only 10:02AM but…

  1. waking up before the alarm goes off without assistance
  2. the power of the mind
  3. good conversations
  4. intentions! Seriously, when you put something out there, in your mind or verbally, that you want to cultivate in your life… IT HAPPENS! SOOOO COOL!
  5. Kiwi
  6. Washing machines
  7. Tea
  8. Plants and people who like plants.
  9. TED Talks
  10. Glitter

YAAAYYYYYY! Should be a good day.


Things that made this day special and lovely

  • FINALLY getting together with friends Sheamus and Nadia, two wonderful people.
  • the church van at Surrey Central
  • walking in the rain
  • wet hair (find it has this odd, pretty quality)
  • really good music and really good singing that makes me guitar playing sound not too bad : )
  • Mumford and Sons
  • King of Anything by Sara Barellies
  • The first five seconds of that shockingly titled Cee Lo Green song
  • Pizza without cheese
  • Irish Accents
  • awakward movies! wooo! (go see “Once” haha, really pretty songs!)
  • Remembering choreography from old plays
  • getting to be the girl while doing the octopus (that sounds wrong hahah … Swing Dancing! Geez!)
  • The way lights look when reflected on wet pavement
  • the smell of rain on concrete
  • perfect timing
  • the way music from the pub at surrey central blasts outside in the plaza (mmm Beatles covers!)
  • playing timshel by mumford and sons in the rain : )
  • making thoughtful gifts (and envelopes) for far away friends
  • OH AND Finding out about Russian Christmas! I feel so cultured!


I don’t know if I can say how lucky I am enough times. I just want to go hug the whole world right now.

May all be fed. May all be healthy. May all be loved. And may all love themselves.





Plant five rows of Peas:
Planning and Positiveness.

Include three rows of Squash:
Squash Negativity,
Squash Dieting,
and Squash Deprivation.

Add five rows of Lettuce:

Let us be Positive,
Let us take Responsibility,
Let us be in Control,
Let us reward our Accomplishments,
Let us be Empowered.

No garden is complete without Turnips:
Turn up with a positive Attitude,
Turn up with a Smile,
Turn up with New Ideas,
Turn up with Real Determination,
Turn up with Success.

May your garden flourish!



Awesome Moments

  • Living on adrenaline and other chemicals instead of food for a few days
  • Dancing.
  • Dancing to SARA BAREILLES new album. String cover of “King of Anything” = win.
  • Pain from dancing.
  • When 20 minutes feels like 2 hours… Best. Massage. Ever.
  • Being the last ones awake and talking till you fall asleep
  • Forgetting who your friends are and where you fit in, and then remembering and feeling as if you never left : )
  • Waking up filled with creative inspiration from trippy dreams and night visions.
  • Youtube.
  • Pineapple.
  • How creepy would it be if I just sat and watched the kids across the street from my house having a garden hose fight and climbing a tree? They are so awesome!