Parallel Moments

Recently, after We Day 2011 (when I had been up since 4:30AM with little sleep), I had a really full circle moment. I had a late class, ending at 9PM and was super tied and delirious, and generally exhausted.

As I waited for my ride home I laid down at school at looked up at the (really amazing) ceiling and then I started pondering all of the times and various circumstances that had led to me being in this same space in the past. All of these parallel memories… I’ve been inspired, lost, found, hungry, awake… but all in this exact place, observing this exact view. Like coming home.  Beautiful.



A while back, a lovely post on SuperForest introduced me to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Their song “Home” really stuck with me and makes all smiley inside. This is my favorite version:

I was thinking of this song one evening this weekend while saying goodbye to some friends before they went off to school far away this semester. When I first listened to the song it felt very “coupley”, two people, “home”, together. However, after further meditation I think I have learned something new about being “home”.

They say “home is where the heart is”…

I think home is wherever we find love. With friends, with strangers, with one person, with many, with ourselves, watching something sad, witnessing something beautiful… that is home. Home is wherever there is love. That feeling of unconditional acceptance..

I am so grateful to be home, always.

Today I saw a post on another inspiring blog with this adorable version of the song.

To wherever your travels may take you, and beyond.