Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

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“You are in the position of power in your life, but not the kind of power that controls. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It is not egomania. but a healthy self-love! This means power over your perceptions of the world, the self. This means power over how you react to situations in your life, power to do what is necessary for your own self-growth, power to create joy and satisfaction in your life,”

from Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers


“You have power to be strong-minded and strong-willed, and simply the power to act and power to love.”

from my inspiring friend Janice : )

Today there was this gathering I was scared to go to because I made up that I didn’t know anyone very well, but I find that whenever I push myself beyond that silly fear and awkwardness I have tons of fun and make new friends! Yay! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

I am a Leader Causing Leaders [Part 3]

This post is likely to appear as a vomit of inspiration. How do you sum up a jam packed weekend in a cohesive manner?

Here are some quotes and ideas and thing I picked up at LEADERS CAUSING LEADERS 2011


There was this one super inspiring (mostly raw) vegan speaker, Raven Starr (she recommended this free numerology report that changed her life) really made me excited and proud to be vegan.

Another speaker I really loved was Guru Singh. He had some good quotes…

“You are weird!” – GURU SINGH

He led us through many breathing exercises.

“The idea that beauty is something other than you is absurd.” – GURU SINGH

He also talked about words a lot:

Human = Hue + Man (meaning the brain-mind connection)

Woman = Womb (meaning the future) + Man (meaning the brain-mind connection)

Another interesting thins was the 4 Steps to Compassionate Communication: Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests which I found very similar to Clear Leadership’s Observations, Thoughts, Feelings and Wants.

I noticed many similarities between different presenters and previous leadership workshops I have done. I think all leadership presentations come down to these 3 things:

  1. Communication: How to share and connect with others
  2. Ownership: Some concept of taking responsibility for one’s own actions and experience
  3. Tools: Apologizing, Acknowledgment, Praise, Rewards… ideas of motivating and inspiring others

Q: What inspired you to be a transformational and inspirational leader??

Do you feel alive, she saidA: The short answer to this questions is inequality. The funny answer to this question is Titanic. The long answer is a bit of a story.

When I was younger I was not ignorant. I knew or had heard about many of the problems in the world. Child labour, poverty, war… At the time I was more concerned with fitting in than I was concerned with making the world better. I got older and when I was in grade 12 I saw the movie Titanic for the first time. At the end of the movie I was really moved and affected by the scene where the rich people sit in their boats and watch the poor people die. I realized that this happens everyday. I realized how privileged and lucky I am. I realized that I want everyone to have the same access and opportunities that I do. And ever since that day I have been committed to becoming the change I wish to see in the world. This is why I am vegan, why I only buy ethically and sustainably made clothing, why I volunteer and give half of my freelance profits to charity. In my opinion, it is these personal actions that make me a leader, for they empower me.

Also, check out www.superforest.org : )

My WE DAY 2011

Last week I got to be a part of We Day 2011 and I couldn’t be more blessed. Last year was my first We Day (a huge event at Rogers Arena where they get 18,000 students pumped about making social change) and I was a crowd pumper. This year I got to help coordinate the CP team and wear a headset which was pretty wicked. All those years of theatre really paid off haha. It was interesting because I wasn’t really watching the show, but I was there, with all of these inspiring amazing people. And I still got to dance and wear my tight and bright attire : D

My highlights included this speech by Noah Kaplan called “be the spark” was one of the most beautiful things I have heard in a long time.

He stands on the edge of eternity peering cautiously into the future….

…Grab a hand and hold it…. and we can sit in wonder together….

– Noah Kaplan

It is an amazing thing, to create a dream for yourself and then see it realized. I totally wanted the opportunity I created for myself this year and I look forward to the future as well : )


I believe in you


This post is just to say that I believe in you.

Like, honestly.

You are amazing. You are so talented. You are beautiful. There is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it.

The next time someone doubts you, or causes you to think you are anything less than perfect, remember that I believe in you. And then tell them that you believe in them. Because I think sometimes we all need a little faith.

The next time you doubt yourself, or start to think you are anything less than perfect, remember that I believe in you. And then tell yourself that you believe in you. Because I think sometimes we all need a little faith.

The next time you doubt anyone else, or start to think that they are anything less than perfect, remember that I believe in you. And then tell them that you believe in them. Because I think sometimes we all need a little faith.

My Purpose in Life

A Mission Statement:

I want to tell my story to anyone who will listen.I want to tell my story to the world.I want to share my message of love with the world.I want to travel the world spreading and seeking love.
I will do this by having conversations. By giving presentations. By speaking. By taking photos. By making films. By blogging. By graphic designing. By taking personal action.

There is this All Time Low lyric that has always stuck with me. “Girl, we’ll take the world by storm, it isn’t that hard.”

I will take the world by storm. And one day I will meet someone else who shares that dream. And our “storms” will combine. And together, we will make a whirlwind tornado. It will be magical. And I sincerely look forward to that : )

My First Leadership Workshop!

Today I was honoured to give my first workshop at the SFU Leadership Summit.My topic was “How to change the world and yourself in the process”. I basically talked about my personal journey with positivity, SuperForest, and how I created my manifesto. It was really a full circle moment. I am so grateful for the people that I personally invited who attended, and the unexpected group from my high school that sat in the front row, and the people I was suprised to see, and the people I didn’t even know who came out!
In making the presentation I had a much needed opportunity to reflect on myself and my perspective. Due to an interesting transition into 2011 with some events that really taught me a lot about myself I had almost forgotten little bits of me. I am glad to have evolved and found those little pieces that have been lost for the past few weeks.
I can’t really word this in the best way yet but I was thinking…When it feels like part of you is totally dependant on someone else, it is interesting that when they leave, some parts of you were really just you all along.

This reaffirmed my idea that there is only oner person in the world, really. Yourself (so me haha). Everyone else is just your perception of them. So when people change you, they don’t really… you change you. You have all the tools you need to be whatever you want.
I really enjoyed presenting and I got a lot of positive feedback after the presentation. I feel like I want to do it again. I’ve already started thinking of things I could make more awesome about it.
I feel like there is a message here. A message of love, and making the world a better place. I feel like I want to keep telling this story. To anyone who will listen.

I am excited to see where this takes me.




Plant five rows of Peas:
Planning and Positiveness.

Include three rows of Squash:
Squash Negativity,
Squash Dieting,
and Squash Deprivation.

Add five rows of Lettuce:

Let us be Positive,
Let us take Responsibility,
Let us be in Control,
Let us reward our Accomplishments,
Let us be Empowered.

No garden is complete without Turnips:
Turn up with a positive Attitude,
Turn up with a Smile,
Turn up with New Ideas,
Turn up with Real Determination,
Turn up with Success.

May your garden flourish!