Earlier today I was listening to Jason Mraz and pondering and thinking about some days I have had where I RADIATE JOY! There have been days when I have been overwhelmed with happiness. I was thinking, how can I make today one of those days? and then MAGIC HAPPENED!

I handed in my final film project JUST IN TIME! It was so perfect! Then I went to study for my exam using my two hour break. Using the amazing power of crowd sourcing and some super smart and dedicated friends I was able to get my studying done just in time for the exam. The exam was for my animation class and I finished my test early and everything! I felt pretty good about the exam but I needed to take a minute and let go of the tension I had created during the test and refocus on gratitude. It totally worked because just then I got a text message telling me that JASON MRAZ IS PLAYING A FREE CONCERT IN WHISTLER THIS WEEKEND! I was so overcome with joy I literally began jumping up and down. I was filled with so much excitement and passion for life! And how ironic that I was just pondering this feeling and this transformational musician earlier! Magic!

I bumped into some friends, planned a project and then went outside to dance in the parking lot with my amazing friends Colette and Madhav. I felt so free and BEAMING! It was so nice to connect with people and just celebrate music and happiness!

Then I went back inside with Colette to show her THE HUMANIFESTO! A magic little video filled with people and ideas I love! It also happens to connect me and Jason Mraz in a funny way : P

It was nice to talk because my conversation reminded me of a few things…

1. The Power of MAYBE!

I was telling Colette about another day (without shoes) when I vividly remember being SO FILLED WITH JOY AND GRATITUDE THAT IT WAS RADIATING OUT OF ME. I was sitting on the bus, going to the theatre and the main reason I was excited was because there was a small chance the boy I really liked would be there. There was no guarantee, but the power of maybe was enough to elate me and make my day amazing. Maybe I will see Jason Mraz on Friday! Maybe I won’t! But maybe feels nice : D
2. My life is filled with beautiful things and people
I am so lucky to know so many amazing people and have my life touched by them. I am truly in awe.
As I was going towards the bus stop to go home I was thinking about being in exactly the place I am meant to be, at exactly the right time. Just as I was thinking this three young boys came up to me and asked me for a hug! It was so magical! I told them that hugs should last 20 seconds
SIDENOTE: The oxytocin released in a 20-second hug not only increases bonding and builds trust but also positively impacts your cardiovascular system, which improves heart health : )
via http://www.hendricks.com/
and at first I thought they’d be creeped out, but they were happy to have 20 second hugs! Then I got scared maybe they wanted to hug me to steal from me so I kept saying, “please don’t steal from me!” LOL! I think they just wanted to hug me because i’m a beautiful attractive person, and that was really sweet.
Then I got on the bus and wrote an amazing song/poem about LOVE that I am going to record on ukelele now.
I am in love with my life.
Today was a reminder for me to do what brings me joy, because when I have joy I can share joy. And though my joy may not resonate for everyone, or show up as elevating for all people, it does for some. And I think that is the difference I am meant to make in the world. When do you feel most fulfilled? When do you change this world?
Do that : )
A little light never hurt nobody, send out your ray of sunshine.
 – Jason Mraz, The Sunshine Song

Everything will be fine Desktop BG

My Latest Desktop Background

I was feeling a little bit vaudeville so today I made this. Everything, will be fine. It always is.

Photo + typography by Jenni Rempel. Lyric via Jason Mraz and his beautiful song Details in the Fabric.

Click the image to download the full version.

What I’m grateful for in 90 seconds

You have 90 seconds to list what you are grateful for. Go!
  • the abundance the world has to offer
  • music
  • lifelong friends
  • new friends
  • meeting new people
  • nature
  • the sky
  • rainbows
  • tea
  • breakfast
  • green smoothies
  • raw food
  • http://www.superforest.org
  • Simon Fraser University
  • design
  • photoshop
  • IAT 233
  • trampolines
  • dance parties
  • not knowing what is coming next
  • good choices
  • bad decisions
  • lessons
  • hot showers
  • slippers


This was an interesting exercise (thanks to j.mraz for the idea : D hehe). It really got me thinking. There are so many things I didn’t have time to list. Laughter, sunshine, my parents, my life, theatre, improv, laughter yoga, trapeze, mysterious happenstance, good listeners… I could keep going. I think the lesson here is that we have so much to be grateful for and there wouldn’t be time to write it all down.

Instead we can  live each minute of our lives with kindness and gratitude and bring that energy into everything that we do…

because there will never be enough time to say a proper “thank you” to everyone and there are some things you can’t “thank” in the traditional sense (ie, rainbows or nature).