Love Is (a poem to sing)

apart by By iwillwreckyou on Flickr

apart by By iwillwreckyou on Flickr

Love is

not about a boy or a girl or somebody,

love’s about all of us – everybody! C’mon.

Embrace love.

Love’s about moments like these everyday,

Sharing our joy in EVERYway – C’mon!

Sing out love.

Something that comes from me and you

A laugh or a smile – anything you do can be love.


Having moments / Sharing Moments / Embracing Moments – Love, who knows it! Love goes it.

OH, love shows it.

Yeah, yeah BE LOVE.

I wrote this the day I found out I was going to see Jason Mraz for free as part of an explosion of joy I had : )

Things that made this day special and lovely

  • FINALLY getting together with friends Sheamus and Nadia, two wonderful people.
  • the church van at Surrey Central
  • walking in the rain
  • wet hair (find it has this odd, pretty quality)
  • really good music and really good singing that makes me guitar playing sound not too bad : )
  • Mumford and Sons
  • King of Anything by Sara Barellies
  • The first five seconds of that shockingly titled Cee Lo Green song
  • Pizza without cheese
  • Irish Accents
  • awakward movies! wooo! (go see “Once” haha, really pretty songs!)
  • Remembering choreography from old plays
  • getting to be the girl while doing the octopus (that sounds wrong hahah … Swing Dancing! Geez!)
  • The way lights look when reflected on wet pavement
  • the smell of rain on concrete
  • perfect timing
  • the way music from the pub at surrey central blasts outside in the plaza (mmm Beatles covers!)
  • playing timshel by mumford and sons in the rain : )
  • making thoughtful gifts (and envelopes) for far away friends
  • OH AND Finding out about Russian Christmas! I feel so cultured!


I don’t know if I can say how lucky I am enough times. I just want to go hug the whole world right now.

May all be fed. May all be healthy. May all be loved. And may all love themselves.



Positivity Wave!

Wow. It’s so funny. Life is so rewarding sometimes!

You put these “intentions” out there into the universe. Things you want and wish for… Just little things like meeting someone new or having someone acknowledge something about you. Or big things like going somewhere or accomplishing something. And they become real. And it’s amazing.

One of my Mom’s friends just called. She wasn’t home so we exchanged words and they told me how i’ve “really changed”. I asked in what way. They told me it’s my positivity.

Serious, this stuff is amazing. It just lifts you up and lets you sail along. Check your perspective. Change your attitude. Then do the same for others. Cause it spreads like wildfire. And will carry you as far as the eye can see. And beyond. And take you to places you never thought you’d go. And teach you things you never thought you’d know.

Really, it’s just learning to BE : )

And acknowledge people. And inspire them. And love them. And yourself.

: )

Thank You World… and a bike ride!

The other day I recorded this while I was riding my bike home. Basically I am really happy and content with life right now. I’m so grateful for this wonderful planet! And i’m so lucky that I get to sit in my backyard blogging looking up at this:

Think of how many branches this tree has, and leaves… such abundance. And still it grows! Mind blowing.

How to live better

So I just came across this post on The Sun Shines On Blog from Yes! Magazine (which I must find out more about!). The past 12 months have been the happiest of my entire life and I really believe that it is a result of learning how to live better.

I took an acting course last semester at University and I found that many of the things we worked on could apply to life. Things like choosing a focus. One small goal to keep in mind so that what you do has purpose. I find that the days I actively engage in these practices are more fulfilling. I’ve had tons of little goals. Thing like sounding like I mean it more when I say “Thank you” and saying hello to people I pass… each day is a work in progress of a beautiful masterpiece.


I think in life, with our multitude of experiences, we encounter different levels of connection. Connection with people, with situations, with animals, with nature, and with objects. I think happiness comes from the things we have a high level of connection with. Our favourite foods, favourite friends, and good memories all have resonance with us and impact our lives. I feel that perhaps the secret to happiness is to seek connection in the world.

I think i’ve posted this before but I was reminded of it today : )

The Jolification Protest

“Honk if you’re happy!”

Sunday was another Vancouver Improv Anywhere flashmob! They hosted vancity’s first Jollification Protest.

The Jolification Protest

My sign said “BE THE CHANGE (LIKE THIS SIGN)” on one side. The other side said “Please & Thank You” with a smiley face saying “Raa!” and a picture of a sun. My mom told me it looked juvenile. I told her we aren’t all artistic haha (I FAIL at arts and crafts).

At times it was a little bit uncomfortable for me. On a few occasions we got to chanting negative things about protests “Ban protesting”. I went to the event because a) flashmobs are amazing and b) it was kind of a joke about protests. I think protests, sit-ins and other activist campaigns can be good. They raise awareness and help to educate people. Also, as a participant it’s good to know that you aren’t alone (in your beliefs). A few times I had to remind myself we were being silly, and poking fun. I mean protestors chanting “Ban protesting”, you must admit, there’s a little irony there : P

We did meet some opposition…

"Everyone else holding a sign in an idiot!"

via flickr user eych-yoo-bee-ee-ahr-tee

However for the most part it was good fun. We marched, chanted, played duck-duck-goose, sang, and danced…

These dudes are wicked!

I met some friends of friends, and got to use the megaphone! Awesome! I think my favorite chants were “When I say flash you say mob”, “Eat crayons, poop rainbows” and “I have a sign”. It was cool when people would smile back at us. We even made one girl’s day (she told us so haha)! Also, this was a good opportunity to practice being a “Yes!”, sometimes someone would yell something strange but everyone would just go with it anyway. Sometimes I said strange things but everyone just went with it. It helped me to accept ideas that were different from my own and be open to new things.