Meeting Craig Kielburger

On Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of attending a business event where I got to meet Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free the Children.

I have met some people that are really obsessed with Craig and despite how amazing he is, I am blessed to have stayed out of the “fangirl” zone. However, I was captivated by his interpersonal skills. Each time I have encountered him (mainly at We Day) I am captivated by his ability to connect with people and inspire them. Things like a smile, eye contact, a firm handshake (with elbow touching?), and using someone’s name really go a long way.

Hearing him speak really brought up many emotions for me. I was go grateful to have a reminder to BE THE CHANGE. Whenever I am motivated by someone I feel this funny feeling inside. I noticed it especially when watching inspirational videos. It is like someone has tied a string around my heart and is connecting it with the hearts of others. I kid you not, this is a very physical, embodied experience. I was almost in tears. I think that’s why I love film so much, you have the power to really affect people.

The event I attended was centered around Haiti and it was really interesting to reflect back on what happened a year ago. Had I forgotten? Do we ever really forget?

I’ll end with this. What motivates you? And what are you doing to make the world better? Think about that. Everyday.

PS: I wore my vegan Doc Martins. Yeah.

Sounds like a Revolution


I was very blessed to be able to see it on Thursday at the premiere of the Amnesty International Film Festival. The film by Summer Love (awesome name eh?) was really inspiring and just what I needed to see. I hadn’t really listened to Anti-Flag or NOFX before but I am now inclined to start. Lately I have been really trying to find the envelope pushers, those that care about the world and want to make a difference… maybe I need to go to more concerts? haha.

The movie explored social activism through music and they ways in which music is controlled and distributed today. Michael Franti was featured. That dude is so awesome.

Music has a way of reaching people. I was at school working late one night and a dude started playing guitar in the corner, it was so soothing. With music we can really reach people. I think we all have a song. And it is so crucial that we sing.

If you get a chance to check out the rest of the AIF Festival in Vancouver or to see Sounds like a Revolution… do it!

OH! And this song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched the movie. SO good!