Movie: Kurbaan

My mom’s friend lent her this shady copy of the indian movie Kurbaan. When I got home at like 1:30AM on Saturday night she convinced me to watch it with her.

The movie itself was really well done. The acting was very convincing and all of the effects were believable. It was like watching 4 movies in one because it seemed to hit all the genres. There was romance, mystery, suspense, action (complete with explosions and pyro effects). It starts out very lighthearted and the cover we had was different from the one i’ve pictured here. When it started to get more intense we were both really surprised… but hooked nonetheless. It was a very political movie, touching on the current conflict the US has in the middle east.

It was kind of funny becasue it had english subtitles the whole time (even though they spoke english about half the time). Even the music had subtitles. There was one subtitled song that had the lyrics:

Decorate your tomorrow today.

Spend happy moments in the path of life.

Everyone’s love has a story.

I approve : )