Jenni goes RAW!

My relationship with food has shifted recently. Since being back from California I have been super committed to eating RAW organic vegan food. I was vegan before my trip but being around the community in San Francisco and LA really presenced me to the power of raw food.

SOOOO What is raw food?

There are many books and websites about it but basically, in my understanding, a raw vegan diet is based on the science that all living foods (vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit) are full of digestive enzymes (so when fruit rots, it is basically eating itself). When food is cooked these enzymes die. Therefore, raw food is more nutritious.

I eat lots of abundant salads, smoothies, and other amazing dishes. Almost anything can be replicated in raw form with some adjustments.

I did a raw cleans last summer and at that time I decided it was too challenging to continue to eat that way, due to my student schedule and frequent dinner outings with friends.

Yesterday, I noticed something I have been making up that has been stopping me from embracing this lifestyle. I think I heard it on TV or in a movie but I was being stopped by this thought that “real girls don’t eat salads”. The idea that a “burger and fries” are what fun, friendly people eat. I think I was also making up that ordering a salad makes me undesirable or that other people might think I have an eating disorder (she must be hungry with only that salad!)

I now see that eating salad is empowering. When I feel great and love what I put in my body I am fulfilled and happy. I get to choose! Other people probably don’t judge me as much as I make up that they do… but even if they do, it doesn’t matter! I cam free to choose what I eat and when and how much! I get to choose. And right now, I choose raw : )


PS: At my 8:30 class on Monday I was so AWAKE and ALERT! No zombie-like morning state for me! Raw food is energizing! And I read online about one guy who only sleeps four hours a day. Think of what I could do with that extra time! I am grateful I nourish myself. It allows me to love, nourish and serve others : )

Today’s Epiphany

Dr. Stephen Covey, one of North America’s most respected, widely read and frequently quoted leadership experts, and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , defines leadership as:

Communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.

I came across this quote as part of a leadership program I completed at SFU and I started making connections to the process of acknowledgement but I did not fully realize this connection until today.
Today it was made clear to me that…

if I just change my own behavior and use my aptitude for positivity to acknowledge others, then I can fully realize my potential for unconditional love.

By living with an appreciative mindset I notice and become attuned to the good in others and BY DOING THIS I can model how other people can do this as well. Then, they will also notice and become attuned to the good in others and (more importantly) themselves.

The thing I love most about the phase BE LOVE is that I continue to understand it on deeper and deeper levels.

Please watch the videos that SuperForester Matthew posted from the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference of Matthew and Terces Engelhart HERE.

I think i’ve seen this about 10 times and I STILL get stuff out of it. MAGICAL. Seriously. We create each other, so make us beautiful.

This insight also came out of a three day workshop I am completing and book I read called Clear Leadership. Good stuff.

So, what do you want to be acknowledged for?



The Definition of Bohemian

Many moons ago I was having a conversation with a friend after laughter yoga about what it means to be bohemian.

But, but tell me, that ending does not uphold the Bohemian ideals of truth, beauty, freedom, and love?


According to Wikipedia: “Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.”

Someone has even written a book called Bohemian Manifesto (which I have yet to read, but helped me in the development of my own manifesto).

Bohemians are quite popular in the Musical Theatre genre, appearing in Moulin Rouge and RENT most notably. RENT even has a song called “La Vie Boheme” (the bohemian life) which offers a pretty comprehensive example-based definition. It’s quite long but i’ve bolded some of my favorites.

To days of inspiration,

Playing hookey,

Making something out of nothing,

the need to express, to communicate,

To going against the grain,

Going insane,

Going mad,

To loving tension,

No pension

To more than one dimension,

To starving for attention,

Hating convention,

Hating pretension,

Hating dear old mom and dad

To riding your bike midday past the three piece suits-

To fruits-

To no absolutes-

To Absolut-

To choice-

To the Village Voice-

To any passing fad

To being an us, for once, instead of a them

Wine and beer!

To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries

To yoga,

to yogurt

to rice and beans and cheese

To leather,

to dildos,

To curry Vindaloo

To Huevos Rancheros and Maya Angelou



to causing a commotion,



Mucho masturbation


To fashion,

To passion, when it’s new

To Sontag

To Sondheim

To anything taboo

Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage

Lenny Bruce

Langston Hughes

To the stage!

To Uta

To Buddha

Pablo Neruda, too



Homo Sapiens,




Pee Wee Herman

German wine,


Gertrude Stein




Carmina Burana

To apathy,

to entropy

to empathy,


Vaclav Havel- The Sex Pistols,


To no shame- Never playing the fame game

To marijuana

To sodomy, it’s between God and me

To S & M

To dance!




Muscle spasms,


Short careers,

Eating disorders!




No family,

Boring locations,

Dark rooms,

Perfect faces,



Hollywood and sleaze!


Food of love,







Heavy competition!




Screaming for solutions,

Forcing changes,

Risk, and danger

Making noise and making pleas!

To faggots, lezzies, dykes, cross dressers too

To people living with- Not dying from disease

La Vie Boheme!

Personally, one of the categories on this blog (the most popular) is titled Bohemian. To me it’s all about living unconventionally in an environment of diversity and acceptance. Think Commerical Drive and the Kitsilano of the past…

Viva la vie boheme!