Metrotown Freeze Video

Vancouver Improv Everywhere just uploaded the Metrotown Freeze Video of the Freeze we did last Friday. My friend Alison that accompanied me approached this man afterward to inform him that we were not actually arguing because she thought he was very concerned. After watching the video I am thinking he was probably looking at the girl kidnapping her friend and not us haha!

for the past 50 minutes…

Reading this site is like falling down the rabbit hole. It just keeps going and going and takes you to places you didn’t think you would go. And just when you think you are at the bottom it grows a little longer and little by little it is never ending. Or, at least, I have not reached the bottom yet.

I hope to illustrate this lyric soon. I learned this song in acting class:

Life is a glorious cycle of song

A ballad of extemporania

And love is a thing that can never go wrong

And I am Marie of Romania.

The instructor told us it was supposed to be sarcastic, especially the last two lines. But I agree wholeheartedly. Love can never go wrong. I suppose that makes me Marie of Romania. That is all.



FREE Wheatgrass!

image via “A Bitt of Raw“.

One of the raw vegan themed blogs I read, “A Bitt of Raw” is having a wheatgrass givaway! The deadline is Friday. From the limited reading i’ve done on it, wheatgrass is a superfood with tons of health benefits. You should check out the contest and enter, or just explore what wheatgrass could potentially do for you!