10 things I love about the world + myself

Love_Candy by broken__heart

Somehow I started getting these e-mails about how to live a fuller life from The Hendricks Institute and the last one challenged me to…

Think of an important person in your life, and generate a list of 5-10
things you appreciate about that person.

Do the same thing for a second person, and a third.

Generate a list of 5-10 things you appreciate about the world in general.

Generate a list of 5-10 things you appreciate about yourself.


I sent some e-mails to some people and then I made these lists:

10 Things I love about the World

  1. Trees!
  2. People!
  3. Music!
  4. Dancing!
  5. I have access to shelter, clear water, education and am provided for
  6. The abundance our planet provides for us
  7. Clouds!
  8. Sun!
  9. Fruits!
  10. Vegetables!

10 Things I love about Myself

  1. I am committed to bringing more unconditional love into the world
  2. I feel empowered knowing that I control my experience of life
  3. I face fear and do crazy things
  4. I have fun and act silly
  5. I have an adorable nose : P
  6. I look for the best in other people
  7. I am committed to a cruelty free lifestyle
  8. I am a leader
  9. I have a contagious smile
  10. I am a creative person

10 Amazing Things at 10AM

It’s only 10:02AM but…

  1. waking up before the alarm goes off without assistance
  2. the power of the mind
  3. good conversations
  4. intentions! Seriously, when you put something out there, in your mind or verbally, that you want to cultivate in your life… IT HAPPENS! SOOOO COOL!
  5. Kiwi
  6. Washing machines
  7. Tea
  8. Plants and people who like plants.
  9. TED Talks
  10. Glitter

YAAAYYYYYY! Should be a good day.


What I’m grateful for in 90 seconds

You have 90 seconds to list what you are grateful for. Go!
  • the abundance the world has to offer
  • music
  • lifelong friends
  • new friends
  • meeting new people
  • nature
  • the sky
  • rainbows
  • tea
  • breakfast
  • green smoothies
  • raw food
  • http://www.superforest.org
  • Simon Fraser University
  • design
  • photoshop
  • IAT 233
  • trampolines
  • dance parties
  • not knowing what is coming next
  • good choices
  • bad decisions
  • lessons
  • hot showers
  • slippers


This was an interesting exercise (thanks to j.mraz for the idea : D hehe). It really got me thinking. There are so many things I didn’t have time to list. Laughter, sunshine, my parents, my life, theatre, improv, laughter yoga, trapeze, mysterious happenstance, good listeners… I could keep going. I think the lesson here is that we have so much to be grateful for and there wouldn’t be time to write it all down.

Instead we can  live each minute of our lives with kindness and gratitude and bring that energy into everything that we do…

because there will never be enough time to say a proper “thank you” to everyone and there are some things you can’t “thank” in the traditional sense (ie, rainbows or nature).


Every Semester Needs…

  • a sick day
  • a hot TA
  • a Dance Party
  • a field trip (even if it’s just for an afternoon)
  • a new friend
  • an early morning
  • an all nighter
  • a movie night
  • a beer
  • an internet outage
  • noodles
  • an energy drink
  • a lesson to learn

This is from my experience at University at least. What about you?


I was going through old photos and found this picture of this list I found on April 17th, 2009 at 4:15PM.

yogurt / water bottle / sleep pills / smokes / steak / celery sticks / carrots /

tylenol 1 ?

I hope they found what they were looking for.

I hope you do too.

First Time…

The past week has been full of firsts. I met so many cool new people and had many adventures (both short and long). For the first time I…

    1. went without shoes for a day
    2. tried an Oshinco sushi roll (not a fan fyi)
    3. had a public transit sing-along (Don’t Stop Believing FYI)
    4. drank red wine
    5. went on a golf course
    6. studied at Breka (the 24 hour bakery in Vancouver)
    7. played poker
    8. played chair tag
    9. was at SFU Surrey Campus past midnight
    10. saw a play in Vancouver (Truck)
    11. saw Batboy the Musical LIVE

I’d say that’s a solid top ten : )