3 Poems for an Early Morning

Vancouver Reflections



A Conscious Poem:

am i up high?

am I down low?

is there a difference?

can I be both?



cold shiver

my liver

big giver


I quiver

life liver.


in a constant state

of sleeplessness

and unrest

and undress

on this late evening

I confess

I attest

to madness

as we evolve

I resolve

to meet all of

everything with love.


As I write this it is 5:40AM. I just got home and am so grateful to have such amazing friends and know such awesome people that always have assured me a place to stay or a safe ride : )

I am giggling (perhaps because of this interesting hour) unavoidably at the irony.

Think of all the times you have been awake to see the clock at 5:40 AM. Think of all the various circumstances that have led to you being up to see the time at this hour.

Maybe you were with many people, or  with just one person. At the airport coming home, or at a party saying goodbye. Doing stupid things, or doing silly things. Waking up, or going to bed. Laughing or crying. Talking or sitting in silence. Online, or so far from the reaches of technology… I could go on. Isn’t it ironic, the way things work out?

I love it, it keeps me entertained : )

never get high off paint.

August 4th, 2010

I had the craziest 12 hours but I am especially grateful for my awesome job that made everything better….

So basically my house is being majorly renovated right now. My Mom decided to put primer on my room yesterday. Although it was “dry” by the time I wanted to sleep, it was still very fresh and had major fumes coming off it. “Is it safe to sleep in there?”, I asked. I was told that it would be okay if the window was open… RIGHT. I think after several hours of unintentionally sniffing paint I woke up at 4:30AM feeling really sick. I think I accidentally ended up on a paint trip. I had some really creative ideas but also some CRAZY SCARY dreams. I got up to use the washroom and almost rolled into a bunch of paint. Then I had to climb the mountain of clothes on my bed to get back after I was done. I don’t think I really slept after that but my dreams were very confusing and rather unpleasant. I was really sick in the morning and I considered staying home but today was swimming and using the green screen at movie camp so I didn’t want to miss it. I didn’t have much time to get ready because I spent lots of time being sick so I didn’t really bring a lunch with me.

I rode my bike to SFU (as per usual) and on the way there this bus snuck up behind me and almost drove right over me. I rode up onto the sidewalk and almost hit some people myself! Then I passed a bank and right as I rode by a big alarm started going off and there were lights flashing and people yelling.

Paint High + Scary Dreams + Sickness + Almost hit by a bus + bank robbery… oh my.

As I continued riding I was still feeling sick and considered throwing up in the park. When I got to SFU my ears started making funny noises and I was really scared. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and be held. I wish someone could have been there to give me a hug but it felt inappropriate asking my co-workers and/or the campers HAHA.

The morning actually went by pretty fast, my job distracted me from feeling afraid and sick which was awesome. I had fun and the kids were very well behaved. In the afternoon we went swimming. One of the kids came up to me and was like, “Jenni, can I splash you?”. I told them no. “Jenni, can I splash Stephan (the other leader)?” YES! Haha! We went in the Sauna near the end and it totally exfoliated a layer of dead skin from my legs making them all smooth and nice. Another memorable moment was when one kid (not from our group) asked me if I was a lifeguard (probably because I was playing with a big group of kids haha!). At the end of the day I ran into a bunch of people I wanted to see. I love when things work out the way I want them too : )

Crazy ass morning salvaged into a lovely adventure. Yay!

My morning… and a bit about running : )

Today was a wonderful day. Today I slept till noon. Today I woke up to a beautiful day with sunshine and a blue sky. Today I did a sun salutation after getting up. Today I jumped on my trampoline. Today I hula hooped while doing lip rolls. Today I made a discovery…

Running is beautiful. I walked past my old high school and was passed by some kids in PE running laps. It was stunning to watch. The way their hair moved in the wind. The way the girls earrings blew behind them. The way they would gasp for breath… The human body is truly amazing, I was in awe of all the muscles I could see working together, the shifts and adjustments being made each second. The way their feet hit the pavement… this would be an awesome HD short film.

Today I had an adventure, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary : )

If you could wake up anywhere, where would you wake up?

Jason Mraz did a blog post about this not too long ago. He shared this video where they asked people the question and it inspired me to ask some people I knew. Via only textual communication I got the following responses:

  • A semi tropical island with no name
  • in my girls bed :D
  • Lol i answered this question before! Joe Jonas’ Bed! XD
  • Greece
  • My bed. if it was anywhere else id be confused!
  • Paris
  • Europe
  • On the back of a blue whale preparing for its launch into the sky
  • Jason mraz’s bed.
  • Narnia
  • the ISS (International Space Station)

I suppose that says a lot about me as well… the responses of the people I communicate with.

Any-who, this gave me a cool idea for a short film. I’m not sure that i’ll ever be able to make it a reality but it would be sooooo funny. I could call it “be careful what you wish for” or something similar. Basically what happens is people wake up in the places they requested, but not in the way they intended. For example: a girl wakes up in Jason Mraz’s bed, but he is like WTF why is there a strange girl here. Or someone wakes up in Greece, but in a dumpster in some shady alleyway… imagine the possibilities : D

And where would I wake up? In the arms of someone special, can’t go wrong there : )