Shake It Media + Wintercoast PRESENTS

Happy Holidays from Shake it Media and Wintercoast : )

I’ve been working on this all week (ok i’ve taken lotsa breaks) but it’s done just in time to wish you a very Happy Christmas!

PS: I’ve been enjoying saying “Happy Christmas” to people because it makes me feel British (like Harry Potter) and it reminds me that WAR IS OVER IF YOU WANT IT : )

First Day of My Life

What a gorgeous song.

Here are some other renditions, I have been listening to it for hours. SOOO GOOD! I love that they are all beautiful in their own way.

…And you said “this is the first day of my life
I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you
But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you
And I’d probably be happy”

First day of my life.

This was gonna be a tweet then I made it into a song


This was a black day and we didn’t make it to December.


We held on as long as we could then we let go, we will remember

G Cadd9

Looked at the leaves and we looked in our hearts


Lengthened our sleeves and our grip on the stars


We’re all gonna bury our folks some day unless they bury us first


The challenge of letting go just gets worse and worse

G Cadd9

This tragedy takes hold My tired hands get old


Cuts like a knife, the loss and the spite


This was a black day and we didn’t make it to December.


We held on as long as we could then we let go, we will remember



PS Sorta inspire by this song:

Bands with Girls

The Jack Bambis is Robert Downey Jr.’s son’s band. Their vocalist is female and I dig their grungy vibe.

Versaemerge is on the ever popular Fueled by Ramen label.

We Are The In Crowd toured with All Time Low this summer.



Paramore is the band of the incomparable Haley Williams. She rocks my socks.

Awesome Music: The Dudes

My excellent friend Carolyn just introduced me to this Canadian band called The Dudes. According to their MySpace…

The dudes are legit. They make rock songs that come from the most closely guarded vaults of the emotional banks. They sing about the triumph of good over no good. They trumpet the march of the working class lady. They tell stories of love gained and lost, knife fights, cops and kindness. The dudes want you to see them play live. They would like you to laugh and dance. After the show, they want to give you a high five. Scott will teach you a special handshake. Bob will ask you for your phone number.

Recommended songs:

You should also check out “Celebration of Kindness”

Let’s all Respect Rebecca Black!

So i’m sure by now you have seen Rebecca Black’s video for the song Friday. It is not the best song on the planet, but it has brought laughter to millions of people. WIN. What bothers me about this isn’t the laughter, but the hateful comments. Imagine if that awkward video you made at the beginning of high school was publicly broadcast all over the internet and millions of people watched it. I had some good ones in my day ahah. Overall though, I’m sure we’ve all had an experience with hate towards us. In high school someone left some cruel messages on my answering machine one day and i’ll be honest. It didn’t feel good. I’ve moved past that incident and forgiven those people, but I can’t imagine experiencing that on the scale that Rebecca Black has to deal with. She gets my major admiration. Plus, if she hadn’t made this song, then this awesome band Tucker wouldn’t have made their awesome acoustic cover! LOVE IT!

In all seriousness though, let’s all show some compassion. I think we should all grow up… so Rebecca has the chance to.


New Bo Burnham Song!

There is something I find unbelievably catchy and addictive about Bo Burnham. Even when I initially don’t like a song of his, it grows on me… like a fungus.

From the ringing bell at the beginning playing homage to school aged days, to the moving final chorus, I am undoubtably hooked.