Bands with Girls

The Jack Bambis is Robert Downey Jr.’s son’s band. Their vocalist is female and I dig their grungy vibe.

Versaemerge is on the ever popular Fueled by Ramen label.

We Are The In Crowd toured with All Time Low this summer.



Paramore is the band of the incomparable Haley Williams. She rocks my socks.

New Bo Burnham Song!

There is something I find unbelievably catchy and addictive about Bo Burnham. Even when I initially don’t like a song of his, it grows on me… like a fungus.

From the ringing bell at the beginning playing homage to school aged days, to the moving final chorus, I am undoubtably hooked.

Rainbow Blog

So this week I started a little side project. I made a new blog devoted entirely to rainbows! Go to and subscribe or follow me if you are on tumblr! The idea is that i’ll post a couple rainbow related things up each day to inspire people. And if you come across anything awesome and rainbow related be sure to sumbit it at

I am still going to be posting normal bloggy things here but right now rainbows are a very important past of my life that I need to share with the world!



On Friday I finally got a laptop for school! I waited all year for Apple to catch up with the quad-core technology and then when they started their student promotion (free iPod Touch) I knew the time had finally come. As much as I hate consumerism (and I must admit, I wasn’t completely happy with the idea of getting a new product) I really love Apple and what they have done for technology. As i’m getting older my fangirl rose-coloured glasses have come off but Macs are still my machine of choice.

I went to the Apple store in Pacific Centre to ask some questions and get some information. I didn’t intend to make a purchase there but then I realized that ordering online would just mean more waiting and extra, unnecessary shipping fuel/packaging. The fact that it was iPad release day had also slipped my mind. My conversation with the “bouncer” went something like “Dude, I don’t want an iPad, I just want to buy a computer…” haha. We had to wait in line (only for a few minutes) and then this chick with cool hair helped me.

My friend and I did a special unboxing : D

15″ Macbook Pro (Which I have named “Finn Hudson”)

  • 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processor
  • Precision aluminum unibody enclosure
  • 4GB RAM (may upgrade this to 8GB)
  • 5.4-inch (diagonal) matte widescreen display
  • iWork
  • Apple Care Protection Plan

32GB iPod Touch (which I have named “Rachel Berry”)

(My last gen of electronics was named after Wicked characters so I figured I should continue the musical tradition hehe)