Scribbles from a Self-Discovery Workshop

My awesome friend Chris did a great workshop for my SFU club: The LOVE Club (Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation). We had fruits and vegetables that got all eaten up! Yay! Here are some of my thoughts and inspirations from this workshop… my notebook scribbles if you will : )

• One of the first things Chris spoke about was the voluntary and involuntary changes in life. I think by CHOOSING (this is embracing, finding gratitude) all changes I can live better. Thanks CG for that perspective : )

• I was also pondering my stance on life… optimism, opportunism, pessimism… I think I am an adventurist! That is, I look at a situation and say, “Hey! This is Exciting!”

• Try embracing and letting go instead of clinging and resisting.

• I was thinking about self care. I think self care is basically breathing but in different ways. Breathing: it goes in and out and then around. I can “breathe” with my creativity, sending it in and out and around. I can “breathe” with my time management, putting it into myself, out into the world, and around to those around me… sort of a new way of looking at things for me.


• I think DUTY is a responsibility to others. This is a very important part of my life. It moves me to the four corners of emotion (joy, despair, anger and fear) – but what would my life be without this experience? I think I was born to be an activist.

• I was reminded to ask, “How am I contributing to your life?” and think of how others are contributing to mine.

• I want to make a sweater with a heart on my sleeve… hehe.



a creative, emotional, optimistic, extroverted catalyst.

a curious, skeptical, theorist.

a spontaneous, performing improvisor.

a dependable, multi-tasking stabilizer.

 • I am always curious about the relationship between self-discovery and acknowledgements… If I think about myself critically, especially surrounding my weaknesses am I just limiting myself and creating evidence that is not empowering? I asked Chris about this after the workshop and he said self-discovery is great to help people find blindspots.

• I mapped out my life and the moments that most defined me. Most of the cool things i’ve done have been the result of a desire for community. A search and a quest for belonging. It has led me to many wonderful places : )

• I also mapped out influential people in my life – I am so blessed to know so many diverse people!


IAT 443: Laban Notation Notes

Dance (1)

Laban Notation:

Pressing: Direct, Sustained, Strong

Flicking: Flexible Sudden, Light,

Wringing: Flexible Sustained, Strong

Dabbing: Direct, Sudden, Light

Slashing: Flexible, Sudden, Strong

Gliding: Direct Sustained, Light

thrusting: direct, sudden, strong

floating: flexible, sustained, light

(posx2 – posx1)2 – (posy2 – posx1)2 = motion2