5 One Shot Music Videos

5. I Feel It All – Feist

This looks dangerous and doesn’t fit the song too well, but it’s super cool nonetheless.

4. This Too Shall Pass – OK Go (Marching Band Version)

I totally misjudged this to begin with, writing it off as boring… and then the people started appearing.

3. 1234 – Feist

Such a creative use of choreography and manpower!

2. Start All Over – Miley Cyrus

So it may be “Miley Cyrus” but you must admit the song is catchy and the video is kick-ass.

1. This Too Shall Pass – OK Go (Rube Goldberg Machine Version)

Alright so it may be three takes spliced together but it is still incredibly awesome!

A couple years back there was this popular video on youtube I can’t seam to locate now. It featured a young asian girl playing guitar in a film studio and there were various crew people moving different sets and things (like clouds and trees) on and off at various times. If you remember this and know who she is or what the song is called I would love to know!