Always, a beautiful song : )

“I’m a fly that’s trapped
In a web
But I’m thinking that
My spider’s dead
Oh, lonely, lonely little life
I could kid myself
Thinking that I’m fine”

I love this song. It is life and life is poetry.Mmm : )

New Trend: Musicians making Short Films

Generally, if something happens more than once I assume it is a trend. Suddenly “everyone” is doing it and it doesn’t even take 3 people haha.

Right now, everyone in the music industry is making short films. Kinda interesting. I’m glad they are bring attention to this medium, however, as one of the people in the videos above pointed out to me (guess who? BEST DAY EVER), “I’m a musician, not an actor.”¬†I guess sometimes skills such as acting and skills such as being able to reach a large audience hold different value. If those videos featured random local actors I doubt they would have the thousands of views they have¬†acquired… and then I would have seen them : )


Reasons it is awesome that it’s raining today

Sunday Morning, rain is falling…

  • The trees like it
  • You can sing in the rain
  • You can dance in the rain
  • Puddles are like little mirrors
  • It’s like a shower for the Earth

Northern Downpour sends it’s love.