SOCIAL justice

Sustainability is very important to me but I wonder if it comes at a cost.

I listened to this awesome lecture by Charlotte Gerson, the healthy 88 year old with no doctor and no problems, thanks to her vegan diet. I totally agree with everything she talked about but it really made me wonder about a few things. Really, the only thing that goes against my beliefs are social outings. By that I mean, generally, I don’t eat out, except when with friends. I don’t use disposable cutlery/cups except at parties. I don’t go to malls, except with people. In her lecture, Charlotte says she NEVER goes out to restaurants. She NEVER does anything harmful to her body (putting bad processed substances in) and I can’t help but wonder if it is becasue she is old and doesn’t have to follow social conduct as much.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with people, I just wonder if we could all be happy and healthy together without harming the planet. Can we fight for social justice and be sociable?

I am an animal.

“I’d rather be a cannibal baby, animals like me don’t talk anyway.”

– Panic! At The Disco, The Calendar

Animals are everywhere. We are all animals.

I had an interesting conversation about how people are, in fact, animals. We have instincts and such a big part of life is learning to control them and exist with one another in a respectful and compassionate way. We are evolving like every other species. We like to think we are separate from the other creates on this earth but we have so much in common, how can you deny it?

I guess that’s part of the reason I am vegan. I have learned to live differently, I do not need to eat my brothers and sisters. We are one family. BE LOVE.

“Here we go again
We’re sick like animals
We play pretend
You’re just a cannibal
And I’m afraid I wont get out alive
No I won’t sleep tonight”

– Neon Trees, Animal

I Love…

A wonderful post on SuperForest just reminded me of this list I made at the beginning of the semester and have been meaning to share. Taa Daa! Enjoy!

I love…

people who ride bicycles, and people who hula hoop, and people who ride bicycles with hula hoops, and people with coloured hair, and people with dreadlocks, and people with piercings, and people with good manners, and people with clever tattoos, and people who wear hats, and people who smile back, and people who are positive, and people who like me, and people who don’t, and people i’ve met, and people I haven’t, and people who care, and people who don’t, and people who eat raw food, and people make raw food, and people who go outside, and people who succeed, and people who fail, and people that aren’t good with other people, and people who are, and people who care about nature, and people who take transit, and people who are photographers, and people that aren’t photographers but own SLRs, and people who take pictures, and people who make films, and people that watch films, and people who act, and people who don’t, and little people, and big people, and old people, and young people, and people who write poems

and girls with nice pianos

and you.”

What do you love?

Interactive People Watching

One of my group member’s shared this video with me.

Check out the interactive people watching!

It’s so interesting the way people adapt. Also, it’s interesting how this one person had such a big impact on that area. We are all so influential! How are you changing the path of others today?

Also it is interesting to look at the way this guy changed the system. People, as shown in the video, follow systems. What does our system teach us?

peace & aloha!


The Pledge

Dear Friends,

I no longer believe in “live and let live” or “to each his own”.

I want to change your life. I cannot let you continue living the way you have been living. It’s time to shake things up. I want to challenge you to live fuller, healthier, happier and better than ever before. And I want to help you to do so. I want us to help each other to live the best life possible. And I want us to do it in a way that lets everyone live the best life possible. So that we all can be the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled citizens of the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled planet… hell, UNIVERSE ever.

I want us to start right now.



Go Vegan



Eat Raw Food

Be Kind

Practice Good Manners


Be Grateful

Support Ethical and Ecologically Friendly Initiatives

My pledge is to do everything I can to help you. We can do it, together. It might even be fun.


Jenni Rempel

September 9th, 2010

SuperForesty Reads: Andy Weir’s “The Egg”

SuperForesty Reads: Andy Weir’s “The Egg”.

You should definetly check out this story.

I’ve heard the “we are all of one” message before but I didn’t really comprehend what that meant until I read this story. I’ve been thinking about it all day and telling everyone I know to read it. It’s really helped me overcome any feelings of jealousy because we are all the same person and have the same experiences. If someone else gets to do something and not me it is really me doing it. I’ve felt so whole and connected to everything thinking of this idea.

If it was a religion i’d join.

Dear Future Best Friend,

Dear Future Best Friend,

I’ve had many friends in my lifetime but i’ve yet to have one i’d call my very best friend. I know you will have many of the qualities I love so much about my other friends and relationships. I’m going to tell you some of the things about us I am looking forward to.

We will have many things in common that we can share and talk about. We will do things together. When I am excited about something you will listen and when you are excited you will share. We will talk on the phone and hang out in person. We will spend time at each others houses and know each others parents. It won’t be a big deal if I come over unannounced or crash at your place. You will be welcome at mine. When we have sleepovers there will be cuddles, tickle-fights and maybe even the occasional back massage. We’ll get changed in front of each other without it being weird. We will wear each others clothes and not worry about returning them. There will be frequent hugs and unconditional love. If I upset you, you will tell me and accept my apology when I say sorry, because i’ll mean it. We’ll send each other text messages and sometimes stay up talking until we fall asleep. You’ll have your own hobbies and interests that are different from mine. We will support each other, you will come see my shows and will actually watch/listen to/read the books, songs, videos and movies I recommend. You will show me the books/movies/songs/videos you like. You will invite me places and will try to come (when it is possible) to the places I invite you to. If either of us wins a trip there will be no question as to who the other is taking. If we’re ever at a party and things get awkward i’ll come talk to you and that will be okay. We’ll go on adventures and try new things together. We will have time apart because sometimes I need to be alone, and that will be okay. If I need you it won’t matter how late it is or what we have to do tomorrow. You’ll laugh at my jokes and make funny remarks of your own. You will appreciate a good pun. We’ll watch movies together and talk about them after. Sometimes we will have matching articles of clothing. You’ll tell me about your life and listen to the interesting things that happen to me. You’ll make fun of me and i’ll make fun of you and then we’ll laugh at each other and ourselves, together. You’ll be honest with me without worrying about hurting my feelings. We will treat each other the same when we are sober and intoxicated. We will have other friends. They may meet. We will exchange Christmas gifts. We’ll sing and learn dances off the internet and make things together. If you hear people saying mean things about me you’ll stand up for me. We won’t have secrets from each other, but instead with each other. It will be fun.

I realize that either I just haven’t met you yet, or we know each other but we have yet to reach best friend status. Either way, I can’t wait to know you (better) and enjoy your company.