Fall Classes

A TON of people (almost everyone I talk to) is telling me to only take 3 courses while enrolled in IAT 233 because of the high workload. I’m really lucky to have people concerned about me and it’s really awesome to have so many people to draw advice from… However I feel that I can do it. Is it going to be busy? Yes. Is it going to be hard sometimes? Yes. Is it also going to be awesome because I LOVE everything I am committed to? HELLZ YES! I’m so excited for another year. I am a really hard working and motivated person.

Let’s do a little recap…

Last year I started university.

I took 4 courses first semester and was SUPER bored.

I volunteered as an assistant director/production assistant for two Theatrix show, “The Little Princess” and “Les Miserables”.

EDIT: I totally forgot I was in a show too! Rocky Horror went up during first semester. DUR.

I was also the TechOne Rep on the Surrey Campus Committee (SCC) but this required minimal effort.

I volunteered at a bunch of the university events as well.

I took voice lessons and competed in three categories at a festival which took some time to prepare for.

I took a dance class through the SFU Rec program.

Second semester I took 5 courses while still volunteering with the two Theatrix shows.

I found that this semester was a good workload for me.

I also commuted to all three campuses last year

This year I will be starting my second year of university and…

taking 4 Classes

being a Tech Teams Leader

being an Orientation Leader

being the Interactive Arts + Technology Student Union (IATSU) Communications Officer

acting in Into The Woods with Theatrix

Should be fine : )

I can’t validate only taking three courses and my Mom isn’t a big fan of that idea. I’m not working because my focus is going to school so I really want to immerse myself in the experience this year (something I could have done better last year). All my courses are in Surrey which will save me TONS of transit time. I am telling myself I can do it and I will do it. Everything will be fine, or better than fine. Everything will be wonderful. It’s all for the best : )

PS: As I was writing this I made friends with a racoon. Thought you should know. Yay for backyard blogging!


Yesterday I had a job interview and they asked me to share a goal I have that I want to complete in the next five years. At the time I didn’t know what to say. I have several goals but they didn’t feel definite. What if I change my mind? What if one of these things is no longer important to me?

I used to be one of those people that had to plan everything out in advance. I remember my first trip to Disneyland when I was going into grade 10. I looked at the list of rides/attractions and tried to plan my whole day out minute by minute. Wow. Since then i’ve really learned to enjoy the adventure that is life and follow the path I am given. It is much less worrisome this way. That said, I still like to have some goals for the future or rather, ¬†things I would like to do.

I want to be a Roadie with Invisible Children.

I want to intern (or sorry they don’t have interns) be an agent for change with TOMS Shoes.

I want to participate in SFU’s Semester In Dialogue Program.

I want to go surfing.

I want to be a grad student.

and I want to do it before 23.

Hellz. Yeah.