I LOVED The Idiot at #PUSHFestival

All photos courtesy of PuSh Festival.

All photos courtesy of PuSh Festival.

I am so excited and inspired at this present moment! I saw the most amazing play today with my acting class! My teacher, Patti Allan, was in a theatrical adaptation of the novel “The Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoevsky at the Vancouver PUSH Festival. It was dark but bright, witty and clever, sarcastic and all to serious, kind and honest, true, musical, BEAUTIFUL! I loved all of it. Oh and over three hours long in true SFU Fashion : P

Here are some things that I loved!



 (to the Russian) “Not the least bit rusty” (it was a pun)

“I like laughing at you”

“It’s a beautiful day, made all the more pleasant in the climate of you.”

“He wondered how long life would feel if he didn’t die at all”

“I’ve talked way too much but it’s because I liked you all immediately”

“Fuck Switzerland! … Fuck her too!” LOL

Light creating rooms on stage! Beautiful blocking!

“What is the worst thing you have ever done?”

IDEA: It would be cool to have a play where the audience leaves their phones on and everyone makes a group song with ringtones.. or maybe everyone has to ask someone to call them when intermission is supposed to start to signify that. Hmm!

(of death) “Please accept my condolences.”

BODONI! I appreciate the use of Bodoni. (font nerd much? haha < 3)

The stage reminded me of this:


and this:


I also enjoyed the use of the word “fuck”.

The look of branches silhouetted in the light.

“Sometimes if you’re farfetched people fall for it.”

Whenever a character did something I thought was strange I was like OH, their just Russian. It’s okay! haha! And I really want to get in touch with my Russian roots now!

“You don’t need to thank us.” … “I’m not, i’m admiring you.”


I highly recommend the show! Ir is playing at the Freddy Wood Theatre at UBC. Tomorrows the last show so go check it out! http://pushfestival.ca/

See you on a train to St.Petersburg.



PS: I looked up the author and just posted a bunch of his quotes on my TUMBLR : )

Us and Them

On the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Us and Them,” an interactive show up on by Headlines Theatre.

I as the show began watched the shadows dance under the glow of the sunlight (stage light). The harmonics tickled my ears with their delicate touches of perfections, it was a quiet beauty.

As the opening scenes unfolded I observed many things. When I began looking for differences, they grew to be great and many. I think we see what we want to see. When you look for differences they are infinite. I also saw consumerism get in the way. Quite literally, one character couldn’t see his path over his big screen TV. I see a social irony here….

Also apparent to me were the differences and perspectives in every situation. There is an inside to every window and a room behind each wall.

A large theme that the show presented was the modern differences in gender. Transgendered stigma was explored. It is something that I have only been part of dialogue on recently and I am still learning about issues and challenges faced by transgendered people. This is an area where I am fairly ignorant. Man… Woman… can’t we just be people? I am curious if these issues would exist outside of North American culture.

“We never know what we do.”


Is too much equal to nothing at all?

After the play we engaged in a DIALOGUE. In a dialogue, we suspend judgement and listen to others, even those with whom we don’t agree. This dialogue was centered around hot to build bridges, tear down walls, and stopping putting them up in the first place. The community in the room looked for access points to create these new outcomes.

“Is the wall inside yourself?”


I was left with these conclusions. Laughter, silliness and acknowledgements are the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. I want to be a celebrator of differences and an empowering force of change in the world : )

US AND THEM runs until Saturday, November 12th. Shows are at 8PM at The Cultch. Dooo it!

How do you measure a year in the life?

RENT Poster, designed by moi.

Last week I was in a production on RENT with Theatrix Youtheatre Society at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam. It was AMAZING and I sumed it up on facebook by saying…

the past 525,600 minutes have been so wonderful and amazing. I’m so glad I could come full circle with RENT and i’m so grateful for all the amazing people and experiences I have had : ) MEASURE IN LOVE.

I’m still in shock that I got through it all. Last Monday I was really stressed out. I was thinking, How am I going to do this? What am I going to eat? Where will I stay? How will I manage work and school and the show? Show week is always crazy. I would go to work in the morning, then go straight to the theatre after (one day I even had a class in between which i had to rush through). It is really crazy but really rewarding and fun.

There were so many awesome people in the show. Some oldies, and some new people but I learned something from all of them and I’m so lucky to know this incredible group of human beings. I’ve been with Theatrix for 7 years now and most of my most memorable moments have occurred as a result of that. I am so grateful and lucky to have a family like this.

I was able to stick to my raw food cleanse (mostly… on Wednesday night I broke it the first time and then Sunday I think I had pretty much everything on their list of things with toxins, except meat and animal products that is… NICE). Sometimes we achieve the things we think are impossible. This was one of those times. When you have those times where everything feels impossible, remember that we’re all in this together. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped me through the week, from my excellent co-workers to my amazing castmates to my superb mamma. SNAPS FOR US. Come together, right?

This experience had so many similarities to where I was 12 months ago though, I couldn’t help but compare… I had two awesome adventures where I didn’t go home for several days (sleepovers FTW). I had good hangouts with friends. I ended up in many of the same locations as last year. I watched the sun rise from a mountain on Monday morning… Full circle. One of the things these similarities have taught me is how much I have grown in this time and everything I have learned in this past year.

Like Seasons of Love says I could measure my life in: report cards, contracts, dollars, truths learned, times cried, daylights, sunsets, midnights, cups of coffee, laughter, strife or numerous other things. When I really reflect on it though I think I measure in laughter, new experiences, memories, shows, hairstyles, and love.

What do you measure in?

Annie Design Process

I do some of the posters for Theatrix Youtheatre Society and this summer our line up includes Annie Jr. and RENT. Above is the final poster that I designed and below you can click to view the iterations that went into creating the final product. Working with clients can be challenging but in the end they push you in some way to improve your design skills.

The Annie Jr. Design Process

The Annie Jr. Design Process