25 HRS of Silence for 25 YRS of Conflict!


Wanna shut me up? Pledge me! I’ll be silent for 25 hours on APRIL 25th! I’ll also be accepting donations in person. Awesome, totally transparent cause!

All proceeds go to find the Invisible Children Protection Plan. BE THE CHANGE. Join me in going silent!


The Pledge

Dear Friends,

I no longer believe in “live and let live” or “to each his own”.

I want to change your life. I cannot let you continue living the way you have been living. It’s time to shake things up. I want to challenge you to live fuller, healthier, happier and better than ever before. And I want to help you to do so. I want us to help each other to live the best life possible. And I want us to do it in a way that lets everyone live the best life possible. So that we all can be the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled citizens of the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled planet… hell, UNIVERSE ever.

I want us to start right now.



Go Vegan



Eat Raw Food

Be Kind

Practice Good Manners


Be Grateful

Support Ethical and Ecologically Friendly Initiatives

My pledge is to do everything I can to help you. We can do it, together. It might even be fun.


Jenni Rempel

September 9th, 2010