Cuddles: A Poem


They mess you up real bad.

Far worse than the sex

that we never had.


Breathing in your scent.

Intoxicated with you,

But that’s not what you meant with you




I wrote this a long time ago and just found it recently. It was inspired by a series of similar conversations with a series of unique friends of mine. Now I am thinking I should write a follow-up called “Spooning”…

The Offbeat Romantic Dream (A Poem)

Double exposure 42306h

It would be

oh so hipster and oh so nice

to make photocopies and drink red wine

& we could dance to a song from another time

or ride bicycled together, findin’ rocks to climb

build a fort out of the sheets

an call it a castle that we’ll never have to leave

– except to go to work and school…

and meet all of our friends too…

cause there will always be, more than just me and you.