Present Technology: A Philosophical Conversation

i had an interesting thought that I thought you’d appreciate
consider that technology progresses with the intention of giving us more for less effort
for example a train that arrives faster, then a train that is faster still and doesn’t have to stop to pick up or drop off people (its in the works)…
then a transport system that carries masses without a train…
then people having no need to move to be elsewhere to get there…
so ultimately the pinnacle of technology is to just be
to be
– Mehdi Manavi
I am so glad this lovely thought was shared with me that I wanted to share it with the world. Perhaps, by extension, since we all have the power to choose how we perceive life, human are the ultimate technology. Or maybe it isn’t about technology, maybe it is about tools in general. Maybe, the mind is the greatest tool.
Yes, yes I think so.

My Thinks & Notes from Joyologist Tricia Huffman’s Let’s Relate & Communicate Webinar

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Communication makes relationships. Every connection you have with another person is a relationship and RELATIONSHIP = to relate to another… to be in the same place as someone (physically, emotionally, mentally?)

Who are you BEING with all people (yourself included)? to be or not to be…

your being = thoughts, actions, attitudes, words, clothing, choices, beliefs … often without speaking

I am a teacher at all times.

“We are all human.” – Tricia Huffman



“clean it up as it comes up.” – Tricia Huffman (this is similar to “making shit up” and the interpersonal mush described in clear leadership)

Questions to ask others:

  • What are you present to? Where are you at right now?
  • Is there anything you want to clear up with me?

FIND YOUR OWN VOICE. With everything I learn I find great value in puiting it in my own words. Thought: I think bad words are like sarcasm. I think they mask insecurities and have a negative pull… how does duality relate to this? Maybe some cussing is required for some clean talks.. hmm.

Plans and ideas are allowed to change! I am not trapped in anything!

“listen through love.” – Tricia Huffman

Expectations set us up for failure.

People fall asleep to acknowledging others. Show people how much you love them! Acknowledge people! Thank them!

Fully listen! Repeat back to people what they have said.

Dear Jenni: Stop trying to “fix” people and give them advice. They know the answer. TRUST them and acknowledge them for being the intelligent people they are. It is not my job to fix other people. I will have compassion, but I will not be responsible for them. I can’t change others behaviors but I can change my own reactions… “cant change the wind but you can adjust the sails ” …why would you want to make someone you love “wrong”?

“everything is either a request for love, or an expression of love.” – Tricia Huffman

I wonder how different cultures love full out? When I first started actively participating in positivity I was all HUGS and HIGH FIVES. It was a very physical thing for me. This is a very North American image of how to “love full out” and I am curious about other cultures and how others experience this.



What is your view on using “love” to end e-mails and in conversations with acquaintances? I really want to bring love into all of my actions but I am afraid people will think I am unprofessional. People are always going to judge you. Don’t let that stop you. Dive into fear.

How do gossip and venting fit into being love? It’s okay to vent sometimes, but always go back to the source and communicate with the person directly afterward. If other gossip to you, tell them you aren’t comfortable engaging in that energy. Why are you wasting your energy on that? If you really want to change this you need to talk to that person about it.

Many things you said reminded me of a book/course I recently experienced called “clear leadership”. coincidence, or are you familiar with it? “I” language.


EXPERIMENT: Venting to myself.

I am a very extroverted and oral communicator so I wanted to try

Before: I felt curious and apprehensive about trying this and I felt a little scared that my Mom would hear me haha.

During: I communicated my experience to myself and was able to understand my experience better.

After: I am missing feedback and I wish I had done this with a video camera.

Soooo I tried that but the sound didn’t work and I have decided that is wasn’t meant to be, but I will experiment further the next time I want to vent : )

no time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead: a poem and a song

I was just discovering my friend Trini’s Lovely blog and I noticed the excellent quote at the top: no time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead. I’ve thought about this idea before, the way there are some things you can’t take a picture of (like climbing into a waterfall in Hawaii and seeing rainbows because there is  an abundance of water and sun). A nice reminder to live in the moment. Anyway I started writing a poem and then I realized it was a line from a song so before listening to it I finished my poem. Interesting the different results with the same prompt : ) Oh, and try to picture it sort of to the tune of  Green Day’s Time of your life…


for the things you cannot photograph, the ones that you must see

there is no apature or shutter speed to capture, what you mean to me

it isn’t so much looking, as learning how to be

to view the world through a loving lens, and it’s all yours for free

there is

no time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead

let’s fill our minds with memories, before we go to bed

take in each and every moment, ’cause it could be the last

be grateful for the things we see and grateful for the past

I don’t need a SLR to catch the sunlight dancing in your eyes

No point and shoot could convey the beauty of this sunrise

I may only have one moment to make that perfect shot

But I have a lifetime to appreciate all i’ve got

there is

no time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead

everything is wonderful and kept inside my head

take in each and every moment, ’cause it could be the last

be grateful for the things we see and grateful for the past


And now the actual song : )


Live LIVE. You are here. I love you.


You are here.

One of the things on my manifesto is the statement “live LIVE” (spoken as live [the verb, to live] + live [state of being, to be live like a concert]). It was also one of my new year’s resolutions this year (basically to be more present and in the moment). I’ve really struggled with this concept throughout the past year. Sometimes I get too caught up observing and don’t actively participate in life. Sometimes (ie: on public transit) I feel my time is better spent reminiscing and remembering. It is important to look back sometimes (generally people who take time to reminisce are happier people [from Daniel Tammet’s book ” Embracing the Wide Sky”]), but if we get too caught up doing that we lose sight of opportunities available to us now.

I think the problem for me so far has been I didn’t have a clear enough idea of what I wanted to achieve. I really love “live LIVE” because it is something original that I created and it looks/sounds clever, however it is very ambiguous. My newest mantra came from the side of a bus. “You are here.” This phrase is a simple reminder to be where we are. You may want to be somewhere else, your mind may want to take off, but your body is still here. Even if your thinking has gone to a different place it is important to recognize where you actually are. You are here. You can be in multiple places at once (physical space and mental space for example, your body and your mind) but you can still know that “You are here”, wherever that may be.

So where are you?