Reasons I Love Public Transit

Snowed-in bus

via kevinharding2

  1. You get to meet cool people.
  2. It is an opportunity for missed connections.
  3. When the bus is full and I have to stand I like to pretend I am surfing… or riding a magic carpet.
  4. When riding the 145 Bus down Burnaby Mountain I like to sit in the very back centre seat and pretend I am riding a horse.
  5. Some people smell really good.
  6. You get to overhear the funniest and most delightful conversations.
  7. You can run into people you know.
  8. You get to see the lower-mainland and the city from above via the Skytrain.
  9. You can stare at the good-looking strangers.
  10. You can use your time in transit to enjoy a good book, album or conversation via text message.
  11. It is an opportunity for adventure : D


WHYYYYY do people spit?!?

I don’t get it. The only time I have any desire to do this is a) when i’m rinsing my mouth b) when i’m sick (in which case I do it into a sink or something) and c) when I taste something nasty. I don’t understand why people, usually men, have to do this. Do they not think about the people who may come in contact with their expulsion? Think about the people who will get this on their shoes, the disabled people who may touch it with their hands (for example if using a wheelchair), the animals that have to walk though it and the people that might not have shoes on. GROSS!

I guess I should explain why I am so pissed about this right now…

I was walking to school from my local library which I has just picked up “Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture” (more on this soon). An old Indian man was walking slightly in front of me and to my left. He turn his head back to spit and I guess he didn’t notice me because he sprayed my hand with his slobbery river. Luckily I was very close to school and was able to wash my hands soon after. I had a nice run-in with the cleaning lady and now have this entertaining story to tell but man, I don’t get it. Somehow, I don’t think this is something i’ll ever understand. *sigh*