Rainboots Made in Canada!

Today I want on a voyage to North Vancouver and stopped at this little shop in the North Van Quay called “Learn & Play!”  Not only did they have awesome stuffed animals and toys… but they also had rainboots that are made in Canada!

I got these nice purple ones. Cheaper than my last high quality rainboots (which lasted 4 years), they are weatherproof, ethical and adorable. What more could I ask for? Check them out online at the official Kamik website!

Reasons it is awesome that it’s raining today

Sunday Morning, rain is falling…

  • The trees like it
  • You can sing in the rain
  • You can dance in the rain
  • Puddles are like little mirrors
  • It’s like a shower for the Earth

Northern Downpour sends it’s love.

Things that made this day special and lovely

  • FINALLY getting together with friends Sheamus and Nadia, two wonderful people.
  • the church van at Surrey Central
  • walking in the rain
  • wet hair (find it has this odd, pretty quality)
  • really good music and really good singing that makes me guitar playing sound not too bad : )
  • Mumford and Sons
  • King of Anything by Sara Barellies
  • DOUBLE DREAM HANDS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm7yAWpX1Mc
  • The first five seconds of that shockingly titled Cee Lo Green song
  • Pizza without cheese
  • Irish Accents
  • awakward movies! wooo! (go see “Once” haha, really pretty songs!)
  • Remembering choreography from old plays
  • getting to be the girl while doing the octopus (that sounds wrong hahah … Swing Dancing! Geez!)
  • The way lights look when reflected on wet pavement
  • the smell of rain on concrete
  • perfect timing
  • the way music from the pub at surrey central blasts outside in the plaza (mmm Beatles covers!)
  • playing timshel by mumford and sons in the rain : )
  • making thoughtful gifts (and envelopes) for far away friends
  • OH AND Finding out about Russian Christmas! I feel so cultured!


I don’t know if I can say how lucky I am enough times. I just want to go hug the whole world right now.

May all be fed. May all be healthy. May all be loved. And may all love themselves.



Concept to Music – Rainy Day Song

I hope this brings you joy : )

One of the best ways to share an idea is through song so I took this concept that appeared to me today and “musicifed” it hehe.
Basically, way above the clouds the sun is still shining. Even if it’s raining where you are the sun doesn’t stop giving light. There are rainbows up there : )


up in the sky

i know the sun shines



up in the clouds

there’s a rainbow

lookin’ down

above the storm

in the open air

there the sun shines everywhere

past the rain

past the gloom

looking out

for me



Be like the sun.

Shine : )



Falling off the bike

Today I had one of those lazy/productive days. I had a bunch of computer-based jobs to finish so I was sitting around being lazy but getting stuff done at the same time. Later on I started to feel ill from all the sitting and computer radiation or w/e so I decided to get out and go for a bike ride. My goal was to check out the new Surrey rec centre type building by Gateway but sadly I did not get very far. I got lost in my thoughts and collided with the curb, falling off my bike.

It hurt.

I called my Mom.

I waited in the rain for her to come get me and take my lame-ass home.

While I was waiting I sat and watched these kids that were rollerblading around their driveway. There was a little ginger girl. She was so small but so eager to go as fast as she could. She didn’t fall at all but with every warble in her movement my heart leapt. How could someone so fragile be so careless? It was wet out. Big girl Jenni here could even stay up but somehow this little red-headed girl didn’t care or mind in the least. Charlie Brown, I empathize for you.

I’m so grateful it wasn’t serious. I had my helmut to protect me. However, I need to find a new bell… it didn’t make it haha x D

World Laughter Day

Yesterday it was World Laughter Day and I went to Granville Island to celebrate!

World Laughter Day is always the first Sunday in May and it is a celebration of laughter yoga. We met up behind False Creek Community Centre and there were tons of laughter leaders from all over the lower mainland. It was nice to see so many different people laughing together. I’m always surprised at the different types of people, from different walks of life that come to laughter yoga.

I woke up at noon and at first I didn’t think i’d make it out there in time but as is often the case with me, I arrived just in time. On the way over I ended up on the same bus as my laughter friend Mokua. He was coming from The Wellness Show which I recently found out about – next year! When we arrived the rain was just starting and everyone was huddled under this big tree, laughing. I helped with some decorations (I blew up my first balloon without assistance!) and then we had a giant laughter yoga session outside. It was funny when the leaders would talk about moving “around the room”. Because we were outside I kept thinking about how the world was my room, hehe. Some personal favorite moments included: being a tired chicken, being a laughter llama, moving the laughter-mobile, affirmations and doing the roller-coaster. I think you had to be there : P

I am going to do a more in-depth post about Laughter Yoga in the future but if you are curious you can go to laughteryoga.ca to find a club near you or for more info.