How do you measure a year in the life?

RENT Poster, designed by moi.

Last week I was in a production on RENT with Theatrix Youtheatre Society at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam. It was AMAZING and I sumed it up on facebook by saying…

the past 525,600 minutes have been so wonderful and amazing. I’m so glad I could come full circle with RENT and i’m so grateful for all the amazing people and experiences I have had : ) MEASURE IN LOVE.

I’m still in shock that I got through it all. Last Monday I was really stressed out. I was thinking, How am I going to do this? What am I going to eat? Where will I stay? How will I manage work and school and the show? Show week is always crazy. I would go to work in the morning, then go straight to the theatre after (one day I even had a class in between which i had to rush through). It is really crazy but really rewarding and fun.

There were so many awesome people in the show. Some oldies, and some new people but I learned something from all of them and I’m so lucky to know this incredible group of human beings. I’ve been with Theatrix for 7 years now and most of my most memorable moments have occurred as a result of that. I am so grateful and lucky to have a family like this.

I was able to stick to my raw food cleanse (mostly… on Wednesday night I broke it the first time and then Sunday I think I had pretty much everything on their list of things with toxins, except meat and animal products that is… NICE). Sometimes we achieve the things we think are impossible. This was one of those times. When you have those times where everything feels impossible, remember that we’re all in this together. I’m so grateful for everyone who helped me through the week, from my excellent co-workers to my amazing castmates to my superb mamma. SNAPS FOR US. Come together, right?

This experience had so many similarities to where I was 12 months ago though, I couldn’t help but compare… I had two awesome adventures where I didn’t go home for several days (sleepovers FTW). I had good hangouts with friends. I ended up in many of the same locations as last year. I watched the sun rise from a mountain on Monday morning… Full circle. One of the things these similarities have taught me is how much I have grown in this time and everything I have learned in this past year.

Like Seasons of Love says I could measure my life in: report cards, contracts, dollars, truths learned, times cried, daylights, sunsets, midnights, cups of coffee, laughter, strife or numerous other things. When I really reflect on it though I think I measure in laughter, new experiences, memories, shows, hairstyles, and love.

What do you measure in?

The future

“…I’m not talking about a commune, or even an active rejection of modern life. I’m just talking about a way of life that puts having some fun at the center, a way for people who want to garden, to make music, to play games, or to just have a good conversation, and live cheaply enough that we’re not working all our waking hours to pay the bills on a lifestyle that keeps us in our seats, dreaming of a better life. As I contemplate a return to the US, I realize that I don’t want to return to a life of scheduled exercise, paid for entertainment, and constant worry about the rising monthly costs on a life that I’m barely living. I want to live with friends, have fun, and enjoy this midlife crisis I seem to be having.

In short, I want to make a retirement community for people who want to retire from the rat race, but not from their life’s work. I want to find a way for people to make what they really care about the focus of their life. How would we make a living? I’m not sure. I do know I don’t need that much to thrive and I like to move around during the day. What do you think? Am I just dreaming, or can this be done?”


I think this is what I want for my life. One day, to live in a community, with a garden at the centre. A place where a guitar is never far away. Fireflies and ladybugs call it home as well. People play with theirs kids, use hula hoops, paint pictures and eat together. Someone is always around for company and the garden is the hub of it all. Bicycles are welcome and smiles come free. We sing, we dance, we make things.

The Definition of Bohemian

Many moons ago I was having a conversation with a friend after laughter yoga about what it means to be bohemian.

But, but tell me, that ending does not uphold the Bohemian ideals of truth, beauty, freedom, and love?


According to Wikipedia: “Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties. Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.”

Someone has even written a book called Bohemian Manifesto (which I have yet to read, but helped me in the development of my own manifesto).

Bohemians are quite popular in the Musical Theatre genre, appearing in Moulin Rouge and RENT most notably. RENT even has a song called “La Vie Boheme” (the bohemian life) which offers a pretty comprehensive example-based definition. It’s quite long but i’ve bolded some of my favorites.

To days of inspiration,

Playing hookey,

Making something out of nothing,

the need to express, to communicate,

To going against the grain,

Going insane,

Going mad,

To loving tension,

No pension

To more than one dimension,

To starving for attention,

Hating convention,

Hating pretension,

Hating dear old mom and dad

To riding your bike midday past the three piece suits-

To fruits-

To no absolutes-

To Absolut-

To choice-

To the Village Voice-

To any passing fad

To being an us, for once, instead of a them

Wine and beer!

To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries

To yoga,

to yogurt

to rice and beans and cheese

To leather,

to dildos,

To curry Vindaloo

To Huevos Rancheros and Maya Angelou



to causing a commotion,



Mucho masturbation


To fashion,

To passion, when it’s new

To Sontag

To Sondheim

To anything taboo

Ginsberg, Dylan, Cunningham and Cage

Lenny Bruce

Langston Hughes

To the stage!

To Uta

To Buddha

Pablo Neruda, too



Homo Sapiens,




Pee Wee Herman

German wine,


Gertrude Stein




Carmina Burana

To apathy,

to entropy

to empathy,


Vaclav Havel- The Sex Pistols,


To no shame- Never playing the fame game

To marijuana

To sodomy, it’s between God and me

To S & M

To dance!




Muscle spasms,


Short careers,

Eating disorders!




No family,

Boring locations,

Dark rooms,

Perfect faces,



Hollywood and sleaze!


Food of love,







Heavy competition!




Screaming for solutions,

Forcing changes,

Risk, and danger

Making noise and making pleas!

To faggots, lezzies, dykes, cross dressers too

To people living with- Not dying from disease

La Vie Boheme!

Personally, one of the categories on this blog (the most popular) is titled Bohemian. To me it’s all about living unconventionally in an environment of diversity and acceptance. Think Commerical Drive and the Kitsilano of the past…

Viva la vie boheme!

My Saturday

Today I woke up and enjoyed a delicious orange! I had to look nice for the Theatrix AGM so I woke up a bit earlier than my body wanted to but it was a really nice day out which made up for that. I drove to the skytrain station to practice driving and didn’t kill anything *phew*. I thought I was going to be late but ended up being right on time as usual (I guess you always have perfect timing when you make your own time). I got to see some friends I hadn’t been with in a while which was really nice. Then the AGM began and I got to hear some lovely songs from my friends and make some side-notes about the way AGM’s are run hehe. I recieved the Cory Memorial Award along with two people I really love, Marquis and Adam (who was late, it was quite funny when his Mom took his award and stood into the photo with us hehe). Before RENT started there was some singing and some dancing (Will I? – the STOMP edition haha) which was fun. We learned RENT choreography for La Vie Boheme ( SOOO EXCITING) at rehearsal. I ate some pineapple and listened to some really fun line flubs at Little Women rehearsal (I’m stage managing). Then I went downtown to meet some friends at english bay. When I walked out of the skytrain terminal at Granville station a girl stopped me. She recognized me from a leadership conference I attended in grade 11 in Mission. I was so surprised and grateful that she remembered me. We were only together for a couple days (I have no idea who she was) but I must of done something that made an impact on her. It felt good to be memorable in an unexpected way. I walked to the beach and saw lots of good looking people on the way. It was beautiful outside. When I met up with my friend they were talking with these Mexican guys. There was a small jazzy band playing (COOL) and some guys with a guitar and rapping mic competing with them. It started to get cold and breezy so I started dancing to keep warm (I’ve been trying this mantra since 2010 started to try and combat my frequent shivers, if i’m cold then i’m not dancing or cuddling enough… it works to a certain degree). While I was dancing I felt this sharp pain. I thought someone threw a rock at me but actually it was seagull poop! I hear this is good luck haha. I’ve never been pooped on before but I suppose there is a first time for everything. Quite the end to a fun-filled afternoon.