Vegan visits Portland: The Paradox Organic Cafe

I hade the…

Belmont Combo $7.95

Choose a pancake, French toast or a waffle; sausage or potatoes; one egg or tofu.

I had to get my brother to change my order because I didn’t realize the sausage was vegan (btw BEST VEGAN BREAKFAST SAUSAGE EVER), and I couldn’t miss out on that. The French Toast was also amazing, so thick and delicious (I think they put some vegan creme cheese in the mix om nom nom). I got it with tofu and I put this local hot sauce on it that everyone seems to enjoy.

I love that when they bring your food out they ask you if you want Braggs or Nutritional Yeast with it… most people in BC don’t even know what nutritional yeast is! haha : D


EDIT: OH, and the bathroom was space themed (they had an underwater one too) hehehe

film idea: secret place of secrets

So the other day I went to this kind of secluded, somewhat sketchy restaurant to have a bit of an awkward conversation. When I walked in it was pretty empty, there were only two or three other people dining. It was funny, I noticed: two truckers eating together, a couple, a lonely guy… and it gave me this cool idea of a short film. The restaurant felt a bit secret and I couldn’t help but imagine that everyone dining there was part of a secret. Sort of a secret place, where people take their secrets. The place was a bit of a hole in the wall, a quiet place… and it felt like a metaphor for the quiet secret places we hide things from ourselves.

I made up stories about the people I saw… people breaking up, people having an affair, people with secret sexual identities, secret lives, fake names…

Hmmmm. Inspiration comes in the strangest forms.

Main: Take 1

Today I met up with a friend and went downtown to do some exploring on Main Street! I was recently reading about all the cool stuff there on Granville Online. A few months ago I came across Pulp Fiction Used Bookstore online and i’ve wanted to make a trip ever since. I was a bit disappointed they only purchased one book from the offerings I brought to rid myself of (previous read Michael Moore collection, some paperback novels, “Planet Simpson” non fiction, and a few books from the Twilight series). I walked away with my sack of publications and one addition, “Change of Heart” by Jodi Picoult (author of “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Nineteen Minutes”, both of which were very good). Someone, who for the life of me I can’t place, recommended it to me. After that excursion ended we stopped in at The Wallflower for lunch! I was pretty excited because they have a menu of vegan and gluten-free options (though there is little overlap).

I ordered the “Hummus Melt” which includes:  hummus, spinach, onion, mushroom, vegan mozza, green salad on some sort of gluten-free flatbread. It was quite tasty but difficult to eat and a little on the oily side. I liked the chill vibe of the place and the decor was very appealing. I’ll have to stop by again to try their Thunder Fries and specialty pizza! Yay for alternative dietary restrictions!

Nom nom nom

Being vegan I frequently get the question “What do you eat?” which is both amusing and fun to answer (generally). In my mind the more pressing question is not what I eat but where I eat. I can find something at just about every restaurant but fries aren’t always the healthiest choice. Here are some places I love to visit, let me know if you ever want an introduction : )

Awesome Restaurants in Vancity:

Gorilla Food: Raw, amazing, downtown… The decor is so cool, it’s like being inside of a tree!

The Naam: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This place in kits is purely awesome because of it’s vibe if nothing else (but the food is good too haha)

Sweet Cherubim: A cool spot on the drive, gave me a new appreciation for some Indian dishes : )

Nuba: I’ve walked by this place so many times without noticing it (right by Victory Square)! I was just introduced to it and will definitely return. More than half their menu is vegan and the dim lighting is very chill.

Restaurants I want to visit before death:

One Lucky Duck in NYC

Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco (thank you to Jason Mraz for the introduction)

Life Cafe in NYC (kudos to RENT for the introduction)

The Foundation here in Vancouver (introduction via an SFU contact and the Olympic Resistance Network haha… long story)

In The Bowl in Seattle (thanks to Teejay, see below for more on him)

Chaco Canyon Organic Café in Seattle

(I hope I got all those names right : P)

If eating out and about interests you then you should check out this blog my friend Teejay runs called, they review restaurants frequently : )