Thank You World… and a bike ride!

The other day I recorded this while I was riding my bike home. Basically I am really happy and content with life right now. I’m so grateful for this wonderful planet! And i’m so lucky that I get to sit in my backyard blogging looking up at this:

Think of how many branches this tree has, and leaves… such abundance. And still it grows! Mind blowing.

: D

Today I had rehearsal… : D

and at the end we went outside… : D

to sing… : D

while the sun set… : D

by the mountains… : D

by the ocean… : D


Then on the skytrain ride home I ran into two old friends and made a new friend. She had a gogi berry plant (cool!) and had a massive container gardening project underway.

On the bike ride home I got to smell everyone’s cooking…




I make up that all the foods are vegan since I do not smell milk or butter or meat.



camp fire

so many aromas, such a great night!