Post Secret LIVE


Wow it’s been a while. I’ve had so much going on in my life lately and i’m so grateful to have all of this activity accessible to me!

One special experience I should blog about was my attendance at the UBC PostSecret Event. I got to see Frank Warren, the founder of post secret speak. It was pretty cool because I had actually looked into having him come speak at SFU but after looking at the cost involved decided it wasn’t feasible. We ended up with front row seats, which believe me were RIGHT in the front. I had to look up at the stage! Awesome.

The first thing Frank asked was if anyone had sent in a post secret. I proudly raised my hand and he asked me to share how it felt “awesome”. For that he gifted me a copy of the latest Post Secret book (and the only one missing from my collection) Confessions on Life, Death, and God. Yayyy! He shared some of the secret secrets with us and told a few stories. Time went so fast, I didn’t want it to end! Before he opened the mic to allow people to share their secrets he turned to me once again. These was a secret message written inside the front cover of my book that he asked me to stand up and share with the theatre.

The world needs to hear your voice.

After the presentation Frank was there to sign books and meet people. He told me that he gives out a book at every event and it usually has some special meaning or importance in the person’s life. At the time it filled my desire to contribute to the presentation (not having a secret to share at the mic but instead getting to share my special message with the room), but I must since since him mentioning that it’s become a bit of self fulfilling prophecy. It’s been lingering in the back of my mind and forcing me to speak up.

Afterward we went to eat at one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants, The Naam! Highly recommended, I love the bohemian vibe : )

Telling our secrets to Frank : )

Telling our secrets to Frank, the most trusted stranger (in the world?) : )

Raise you voice,speak up. The world need you hear you : )



film idea: secret place of secrets

So the other day I went to this kind of secluded, somewhat sketchy restaurant to have a bit of an awkward conversation. When I walked in it was pretty empty, there were only two or three other people dining. It was funny, I noticed: two truckers eating together, a couple, a lonely guy… and it gave me this cool idea of a short film. The restaurant felt a bit secret and I couldn’t help but imagine that everyone dining there was part of a secret. Sort of a secret place, where people take their secrets. The place was a bit of a hole in the wall, a quiet place… and it felt like a metaphor for the quiet secret places we hide things from ourselves.

I made up stories about the people I saw… people breaking up, people having an affair, people with secret sexual identities, secret lives, fake names…

Hmmmm. Inspiration comes in the strangest forms.

Said the Whale

“Mermaid sits on her rock and she prays
For the salmon in the sea, for the winged in the trees
For the old man on his knees
For the beauty in the park, and the cars at the heart
Her own sisters and her brothers
And ten thousand friends and lovers
A black day in December.”

A Black Day in December, Said the Whale

Today I went on an adventure to Stanley Park with pals Gracey, Trini and Logan to see Said The Whale play an acoustic set under the Hallow Tree in Stanley Park.

The show ended up being moved to Third Beach but the nice park rangers still let them play which was cool. I saw STW play during the Olympics but wasn’t very familiar with them. It was nice because I was able to sing along despite not knowing any of their music haha! Also they are a very local band. Lots of Vancouver references and what have you. Eat local, listen local! It’s nice : )

As local as the rivers they sing about, Said The Whale.

It was a really nice experience. Being surrounded by nature, under the rain… Even watching all the other people there was cool. All of us gathered around these trees… Beautiful day in a beautiful place with beautiful people : )

“You should never travel alone
and you know that one false step
and you might not make it home”

B.C. Orienteering, Said the Whale

You can see all the photos here on my flickr!


I think in life, with our multitude of experiences, we encounter different levels of connection. Connection with people, with situations, with animals, with nature, and with objects. I think happiness comes from the things we have a high level of connection with. Our favourite foods, favourite friends, and good memories all have resonance with us and impact our lives. I feel that perhaps the secret to happiness is to seek connection in the world.

I think i’ve posted this before but I was reminded of it today : )

Make a Wish

I just began listening to Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s blog post about wishes. This got to me in the same way that PostSecret does. It amazes me how I can have so much in common with a complete anonymous stranger. Some of the wishes felt like someone was looking into my soul. We really are inter-connected. Some wishes were funny, others are making me cry. It’s interesting how wishes and secrets have so much in common (haha, i’m still listening to it and someone else noticed that, Great Minds!). I also noticed how many of the wishes are within the power and control of the wisher. If you want to do well in school, make it happen. If you want to be happy seek out happiness. I believe we all have power over our own destiny. I’m not saying it will be easy, but it is through facing difficulties and challenges that we learn the most important lessons. Sometimes when we don’t get what we wish for we realize we didn’t really need it anyway. I think somtimes life is about learning to live differently. Everything in life serves a purpose.

As kids we are taught to keep our wishes secret. Think about blowing out the birthday candles or wishing on a shooting star. If you tell someone then it won’t come true, right? I think, really, that logic just shows how scared many people are. When we say our wishes out loud we can turn them into goals, we might even find people that can help us make our wishes come true…

Personally, i’ve noticed how my wishes have changed. As a little girl I was very selfish and self-centered. I’ve spent a great deal of time working on that and trying to change that part of me. When I was younger I would always wish for material things, I remember wishing for a Furby so badly (which I ended up saving my money for and buying… poor girl working at Sears had to count all my pennies… further proof that we can grant our own wishes). I guess things like that were more important to me then. I can’t say that i’ve changed too much. Now I usually wish for other things I want, but instead of toys and material things I wish for meaningful relationships and love. Sometimes I feel guilty about this. I want to wish for a better world, a peaceful planet, happiness for others. When it comes down to one thing though, if i could only pick one thing to wish for, it would be a selfish wish. If i’m wishing for someone else to help me make a difference though, that should count for something shouldn’t it? A sort of selfish-unselfish wish?


Today I mailed my first PostSecret. If you don’t know what that is I highly recommend you check them out. Basically people mail in their secrets and Frank Warren (the most trusted stranger in America) posts them online for the PostSecret Blog and in books that he gets published. There are two rules:

Your secret must be true.

It has to be something you have never told anyone before.

I consider myself a fairly open person so that is probably why it took me over two years of reading about it to finally participate. Before plopping my carefully handmade postcard into the mailbox I thought I would be blogging about how writing it down didn’t make it less true or how the secret still exists but really all I could think about was how free and uplifted I felt. It’s out in the universe now and those other things really don’t matter. If my secret ever gets posted on the PostSecret blog i’ll mention it but for now i’ll leave you to ponder your own secrets : )