I AM (an ENFP Poem)

6. Intuition

Methodical, Questioning ENFP.

An Initiating, Expressive, Gregarious, Active, Enthusiastic Extrovert.

An Abstract, Imaginative, Conceptual, Theoretical and Original Intuitor.

A Logical-Empathetic, Compassionate, Questioning, Accepting, Tough-Tender Feeler.

A Casual, Open-Ended, Early-Starting-Pressure-Prompted, Spontaneous, Methodical Perciever.

…and a Jenni : )

Written by Jenni Rempel,

via Myers-Briggs Assessment.

My F-SCORE Results: Jenni = Passion + Rebellion – Power


Your primary fascination is PASSION. (Nicely done, you.) Even without realizing it, you’re already instinctively applying this trigger when trying to persuade others. Your secondary trigger is REBELLION, and your dormant trigger (the one you’re least likely to apply in your personality and behavior) is POWER.

– SALLY HOGSHEAD, What’s Your Fascination Score?

The assessment is pretty fast and free. What are you?

My take on Self awareness

/// Confusión ///
how many courses are you taking?

it’s a neutral question. without judgements.

I might think that other people have a different standard and judgement of success than me. When I ask this question I ask it neutrally, but sometimes people respond defensively. Sometimes I respond defensively. But why? Our own judgement of the statement. Speaking of judgement…

Self awareness

What does that mean?

When I hear this word it conjures up images of feedback and critical comments about one’s self.

I have realized that this is just a judgement that I have placed on this word.

I think that true self-awareness is the realization of one’s own brilliance and potential.

Internet Find: “I Am”

Internet Find: “I Am”.

I Am is not only a film but a social experiment that took strangers in Philadelphia and asked them to finish this sentence. “I am ___.”

So what are you?  Ask yourself, “Who am I?”  And let us know!  Mission: SuperForesterers comment letting the world know, “I am blank.”  Go to it you grand SuperForesters you!

When I was first watching the video, my initial reaction was confusion. How can we define who we are? Aren’t we defined by other people? Can anyone really know what they really are? But then I quickly realized how silly that sounds. Just last weekend I did a self awareness workshop at school. It talked about how everyone is multi-dimensional, “we are all plaid!” and how to communicate with others despite differences. So clearly, we are not just one thing.

I think it comes down to that Eminem lyric, “I am whatever I say I am, if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?” In posting this I stumbled upon his latest song called “Not Afraid”. I wouldn’t call myself a huge rap fan but there really is a lot of good rap music out there (for example). Music with a message.

“I’m not afraid

to take a stand


come take my hand

We’ll walk this road together

through the storm

Whatever weather,

cold or warm,

Just let you know that,

you’re not alone

Holla if you feel that

you’ve been down the same road…”

So for me, at this moment, I am my manifesto. I am smiling. I am sick, but I am not my sinus infection. I am blogging…

And most importantly, I am whatever I say I am : )