Surfing of the Mountains!

I’m sitting on Mount Seymour in my homeland of beautiful British Columbia right now : )

First time snowboarding, not the first time bruising my tailbone this much (thank you past life as a trapeze artist)¬† haha. What doesn’t kill me makes me more hardcore! The sunset was so beautiful, it actually took my breath away. There were so many awesome moments here. I had three epic falls (designed specifically to make you and the people watching laugh hehe).

  1. HARDCORE BAIL on my third time down the slope. Winded myself and needed to sit for quite a while. But it was awesome because the sitting let me observe the mountain (creeper Jenni? haha). There was this priceless little girl (maybe 4?) on a snowboard who ran right into her older brother but didn’t even notice. Her smile was one of those heartwarming ones hehe.
  2. EPIC FAIL on the “rope pull”. They had this rope you grab to pull you up the mountain. I loved it and didn’t have any trouble until my friend distracted me. I got all twisted and I had too beg 3 people not to crush me as I tried to crawl and wriggle away.
  3. The tailbone crusher. My friend’s snowboarder boyfriend’s reaction: “That hurt me just to watch it”.

All in a days work : )

I remember when I visited Hawaii my friend SuperForester Jackson told me about how he likes to get tossed around by the big ocean sometimes (surfing). It kind of keeps you humble. I think with the mountain though it is a bit different. See, throwing yourself around on a big rock hurts more than having a splash in the sea haha. It was worth it for that sunset though. Possibly the best one ever  : )