Woofs of Wisdom

I went to a storytelling event. It was really amazing to hear all of the stories… There was sadness, happiness, and mystery in all of them.

The biggest thing I took away was not from a story though – it was from the dog. When I was younger I was afraid of dogs. It took me a long time to get comfortable with dogs but now I am often the person a dog will spend most of the night getting rubs from. I like to think it’s because I am vegan.

Usually when I am with an animal ( dog, cat… any animal) I try to lure it closer to me, to sit on my lap or next to where I am sitting. I realized that instead of trying to force the dog to sit by me, I could move to accommodate the dog. And I did. I got to sit in a new place and discover something new. By listening I find that I can discover so much : )

Does storytelling promote stereotypes?

Stereotypes Conclusion

Does narrative create a limited worldview?

Are we taught from a young age to recognize stereotypes and project them onto other people?

In social justice work, sometimes “ignorance is bliss”. Sometimes it is easier to ignore a problem than it is to try to fix it, especially with large scale world issues (like poverty, disease… I notice this mentality so much being a vegan [and I used to experience it more than I do now])… So perhaps if we apply social justice to storytelling, short-form media is “taking the easy way out”. By relying on stock characters and stereotypes the creative doesn’t have to do the work of developing a “real” character. There isn’t time to in the realm of a short film. Details are either left out, or filled in by cultural and societal cues.

“It’s just rare to come upon a role that feels like a real human being.”

– Joseph Gordon-Levitt (on Ellen)

Or maybe, it isn’t limiting us. Maybe it is training us… to look beyond the surface and to seek for ourselves… or to challenge us to differentiate characters from human beings. We are all infinite.

Oh, and speaking of stereotypes…


I love when people tell me stories, or read to me. That’s probably why my amazing Mom read me bedtime stories even into my high school years hehe. Reading was always an important thing we shared haha. It’s nice to just listen to the sound of someone’s voice sometimes : )

video via http://viiaadores.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/heather-and-the-unicorn-inner-child-poetry-simon-welsh/

My First Leadership Workshop!

Today I was honoured to give my first workshop at the SFU Leadership Summit.My topic was “How to change the world and yourself in the process”. I basically talked about my personal journey with positivity, SuperForest, and how I created my manifesto. It was really a full circle moment. I am so grateful for the people that I personally invited who attended, and the unexpected group from my high school that sat in the front row, and the people I was suprised to see, and the people I didn’t even know who came out!
In making the presentation I had a much needed opportunity to reflect on myself and my perspective. Due to an interesting transition into 2011 with some events that really taught me a lot about myself I had almost forgotten little bits of me. I am glad to have evolved and found those little pieces that have been lost for the past few weeks.
I can’t really word this in the best way yet but I was thinking…When it feels like part of you is totally dependant on someone else, it is interesting that when they leave, some parts of you were really just you all along.

This reaffirmed my idea that there is only oner person in the world, really. Yourself (so me haha). Everyone else is just your perception of them. So when people change you, they don’t really… you change you. You have all the tools you need to be whatever you want.
I really enjoyed presenting and I got a lot of positive feedback after the presentation. I feel like I want to do it again. I’ve already started thinking of things I could make more awesome about it.
I feel like there is a message here. A message of love, and making the world a better place. I feel like I want to keep telling this story. To anyone who will listen.

I am excited to see where this takes me.