my thoughts on “The Fountain”

This year I have been OBSESSED with Darren Arronofsky. Ever since I watched Black Swan (which he also directed) I have been super into him.

I found this film to be very abstract. To me it sort of brought up the relationship between life and death. It reminded me how connected we all are, across space – across time. In many ways, I think death is life – from death grows new life.

The movie also made me think of the merging of worlds. In many ways I think life is a merging of worlds – for each life and moment serves to connect beings and things together.

From a more technical standpoint…

  • The surreal imagery was very beautiful, and at times proved a distraction for me.
  • Hugh Jackman was delicious.
  • I also liked the ending credit font. Type = love : )
  • To me the carefully considered sound design was clearly conceived : )

What have you been watching lately?