Today I…

  • Posted stuff on craigslist
  • Thought about Russell Brand
  • Did Laundry
  • Ate Banana Maca Smoothie
  • Went to school
  • Had Class with Dancers and Theatre Students at SFU where I
    • Did improvisation
    • Made improvisation overly sexualized because I figured Russell Brand would approve
    • Decided that pleasure is in fact merely the absence of pain
    • Realized that everyone looks like a star in the right lighting
    • Affirmed my recent commitment to become famous
  • Wondered if my nectarine had some sort of mould
  • Took photo of aforementioned potential mould
  • Pondered keeping it to perform experiments on
  • Decided I should write about my thoughts and musings for the day to entertain other and practice my comedy.




Give yourself permission to acknowledge yourself. What are you not appreciating about you? What are you afraid to say?

Yesterday I was at a workshop and as it ended we randomly acknowledged the other participants. As we were doing this I was reflecting on my experience at the workshop. I like to think back and look for areas I can improve after I complete an experience. It isn’t an inherently negative process by any means, I am looking for opportunities to be more awesome. However I think we all struggle with negative self talk. On this day, I was thinking about how sometimes I don’t communicate clearly. I was noticing how sometimes I figure out what I want to say only though saying it, and when I first start talking sometimes the meaning gets lost because I am not clear myself on the best way to share my ideas. It was so strange for me though because the woman that acknowledged me, specifically spoke about how well I articulated myself and the value she found in the questions and comments I shared.

It is so ironic when other people acknowledge us for things we have not acknowledged ourselves for.

This reminded me of the great SuperForest post that SF Mathew made about the Leaders Causing Leaders conference. In their speech (go view the post to watch it, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) the Engelhart’s talk about how you can create other people. By recognizing and acknowledging things in others, even if there is not evidence that these qualities exist, we can grow people. I think it works the same way with negative things, even if these is no evidence of something, hearing it enough will make it true for you…

I’d never thought of applying this logic internally. What if, instead of trying to improve things, or change things about our selves, we simply acknowledged ourselves for being the things we are trying to cultivate internally. Perhaps we would naturally grow as a result of the positive acknowledgement.

For example, lately I have been working on my spacial awareness. I noticed that when I believed I was coordinated and aware of my environment, I did not have issues with spacial awareness (parking lots can be scary!).

I suppose this is how affirmations work. Interesting.


Give yourself permission to acknowledge yourself. What are you not appreciating about you? What are you afraid to say?


What we really are…

I’m going to preface this by saying that I believe we each create our own reality. Our world and everything we know is made up of perceptions which we create and control in our own minds. The way we experience life is defined by the way we view the world and the various lenses we see it through.

Shadow Puppets

via Cayusa

Last night I had some really amazing thoughts. It is interesting how we create our experiences of the world. I think that if you make yourself comfortable and take yourself to a certain mental state, you can experience the world and your thoughts in a different way. But what does that mean, right?

Example. I am sick right now. I have congestion which is making my experience of life a little different right now. Standing and walking feel funny, sounds take longer to find my ears… I am aware of this new way of experiencing life I have been pushed into. Because of this sickness I did not sleep right away, but rather drifted in and out of consciousness. I could hear noises filtering into my room from the rest of the house, not really aware of what I was dreaming and what was “reality” (though because I create my own reality, I suppose it was all real). Because of the experience I was having I allowed myself to be more in touch with my imagination.  The shadows on the walls communicated with me. I had a conversation with a mosquito, which was actually a conversation with myself…

The way we view and perceive other people is really just an extension of how we perceive ourselves. When you chose to like or dislike a quality in someone else, you are really judging and creating your own character/personality. When someone else gives you an idea, you are really giving yourself an idea, via your perceived projection of them.

The mosquito was really just an extension of myself that I was communicating with, a projection of my own thoughts and energy.

Because I believe we each create our own reality I feel that the way we create this reality is very important. For example, if I consciously decide to be a point of positive energy and manifest joy in the world, that will become my reality. It’s sort of a “you are what you eat” situation. By choosing positivity and joy I become positivity and joy. I kept thinking about this. In my mind, I often find myself creating metaphors and ironic situations to explain and interpret the events in my life. It is quite the comedy in my head. Last night I took this further though. If I create metaphors and irony, I become metaphors and irony.

If I am a metaphor, what do I stand for?

What is the irony of Jenni?

I guess the beauty of it is that I get to decide : )

I find it interesting that I felt like I was “on something” but really I had just conditioned myself to being open to having that sort of experience. If you make yourself open to things and live consciously you can have any experience you desire, just by connecting with certain parts of yourself. So, what are you open to? What do you want your experience to be?

What the bleep do I know?

I had a bit of a mind@#$% thought the other day…

If you haven’t watched “What the Beep Do We Know” you should do so, great movie… especially while i’m still on this kick from Inception (no pun intended). Apparently I totally missed the point of that scene last time I saw the movie. A huge percentage of the human body is water. Ou thoughts are so powerful… as the guy in the clip states… hahah, here I thought I had this epiphany but I guess the idea had already been incepted into my head x D

Well enjoy anyway, and think positive : )


If you could wake up anywhere, where would you wake up?

Jason Mraz did a blog post about this not too long ago. He shared this video where they asked people the question and it inspired me to ask some people I knew. Via only textual communication I got the following responses:

  • A semi tropical island with no name
  • in my girls bed :D
  • Lol i answered this question before! Joe Jonas’ Bed! XD
  • Greece
  • My bed. if it was anywhere else id be confused!
  • Paris
  • Europe
  • On the back of a blue whale preparing for its launch into the sky
  • Jason mraz’s bed.
  • Narnia
  • the ISS (International Space Station)

I suppose that says a lot about me as well… the responses of the people I communicate with.

Any-who, this gave me a cool idea for a short film. I’m not sure that i’ll ever be able to make it a reality but it would be sooooo funny. I could call it “be careful what you wish for” or something similar. Basically what happens is people wake up in the places they requested, but not in the way they intended. For example: a girl wakes up in Jason Mraz’s bed, but he is like WTF why is there a strange girl here. Or someone wakes up in Greece, but in a dumpster in some shady alleyway… imagine the possibilities : D

And where would I wake up? In the arms of someone special, can’t go wrong there : )