Today’s Adventure

Dear Universe,

I have so much to write about and tell you! The weekend was full of adventures and learning for me and I can’t wait to share it all with you but first I must write about today.

I was able to bathe (for the first time since Friday, yay for roadtrips! haha) in the morning which was lovely. I went through my 87 e-mails and 180-something RSS items. I took a break to jump on the trampoline and dance to the new scene aesthetic song “Never Gonna Let This Go” (SOOO happy sounding/feeling and awesome). I wrote some posts which will be coming out this week (Justin, I am so sorry for the spam you are going to receive haha) and then I had to leave for class.

I went to get on my bicycle when I realized something was very different. While I was gone for the weekend my Mom bought a mirror, bell and light for my bike and attached them to surprise me. I was so grateful for what she was trying to do with this gesture but I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling it gave me and a minor panic attack set in. I’m currently reading “Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping” and this indulgence in consumerism on my behalf was very difficult for me. I tried to remember that “everything will be fine” and “I won’t worry my life away, the remedy” (thank you Mr.Mraz) which helped a little bit.

I had the workshop for my class at SFU and finished on time, we didn’t get through the bonus question but we did the mandatory ones. Then I booked it to RENT rehearsal in Port Coquitlam. I lost my U-Pass somewhere along the way but some friends I bumped into helped me look for in (unsuccessfully) which was very kind of them.

I didn’t do too much at rehearsal but I am slowing getting caught up (I have been away a lot) which is good. Also, seeing friends helped my panic attack a little. When I was running to catch the bus I started laughing (as I often do) at how silly I must look. Laughter has amazing healing properties as Laughter Yoga has taught me and it totally made my panic attack disappear! How wonderful : )

On the trip back I saw some good-looking people riding bicycles and one girl even had TOMS Shoes on! We had a moment and I gave her a thumbs up about it : D

When I got back to Surrey I saw someone from high school. We started talking and he asked me “what happened here?” pointing to my face. I tried to change the topic telling him I have bad skin (I was one of those people who had smooth, amazing, blemish free skin in high school and then finally hit puberty the summer after graduation and now has to deal with bad skin) but he continued “No, it’s really red… discoloured”. “Maybe I got sun burned” I reply, knowing full well it is my bad skin he is pointing at. As a white person, my skin turns red. It is what happens to white people. This is why I will never dye my hair an unnatural shade of red, to avoid bringing out the colour. So that whole thing was pretty funny in an embarrassing awkward hilarious sort of way x D

Another adventure. Thank you.




In case you missed it, Thursday was One Day Without Shoes, an event created by the inspiring company TOMS Shoes. This was my experience.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL One Day Without Shoes With TOMS Shoes!!! Show your sole/soul and join the barefoot movement : D | Thu at 9:20am

It was one of those cold yet sunny mornings and I was awoken by the morning light shining on me. I painted my toes and set out for another adventure. I walked from my house to the bus stop that I usually visit and noticed so many hazards along the way! I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk and nearly avoided some glass! I am not sure why I thought this event would be easy but in deciding to participate it never occurred to me that things would be difficult. Shoes are one of those things I don’t really think about too much. You don’t notice how crucial they are until you are barefoot. I guess that was the point of the event. Like that song says…

Nobody said it was easy

No one ever said it would be this hard

– The Scientist, Coldplay

Anyways I got a lot of funny looks on the bus but I just kept smiling and laughing at the situation. I had to go to school to write an exam and before/after I got the chance to explain the event to people. Next I skytrained to the theatre and quickly learned that: escalators = bad (they are painful to stand on because of the grooves), people spit everywhere, and gum is unavoidable. I noticed how the different surfaces I walked on felt. Some concrete is soft and smooth while other surfaces are rough and untamed. Also, aside from protecting feet, shoes help to keep you warm! I had to do a little jig to keep my toes from freezing.

Girl on transit laments, “my feet are so cold even with boots on.”; Try a Day Without Shoes. Vancouver is #hardwithoutshoes | 11:00 AM Apr 8th via tx

While aboard the 97 a kind soul tapped me on the shoulder to observe that I had no shoes. I think she was prepared to offer me some, I was very touched. While I was crossing the street a man in an SUV pointed so I tried to explain as best I could (yelling at an intersection isn’t the best way to tell people things..), it was an entertaining gesture (PUN!).

After the show finished I continued my barefoot journey to Coquitlam Centre. On the way I convinced some friends to join the barefoot revolution…

Then before returning to the barricade (for Les Miserables) we got to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of nature for a while. Yay for Lafarge Lake! The whole day was pretty awesome and I could literally feel the love and joy around me (I think it helped that Ingrid Michaelson song “everybody” was stuck in my head and set to repeat on my iPod, how can you NOT feel happy when playing that?)

I am a mover and a shaker. Today, I am grateful for shoes.