Acting Workout: When can I “do” something?


Today I had my first acting class downtown with Dolores Drake. I am in her class called “The Professional Acting Workout”. I got to be downtown at night which I love, but not the late kind of night (though I got to do that too) but the sunset time of night. The twilight. When the orange (the pretty kind, not like the CMYK kind) kissed the pavilions and the streetlights and the building’s edges.

I learned so much and I really had a positive experience! So many questions and answers.

 I was wondering about how to know when you “can do” something. For example, an accent. Or a special skill. Like playing guitar. When am I competent enough and proficient enough and confident enough to put something on my resume. I suppose I could think of acting as similar to other types of jobs this way. If I don’t want to be hired for 3D Modeling, then I won’t put it on my resumé. If I don’t feel comfortable playing clarinet for a casting director, I probably shouldn’t advertise that either. My teacher brought up some good point too about getting feedback and confidence. Do [insert skill here] for people and if your peers, friends, classmates, teachers, etc. compliment you on your work, then it is something you should promote. Do you believe yourself and feel confident?


That reminds me… during the winter break this year I went on the trip to Whistler with some friends and for some reason (I can’t recall if this was before or after the alcohol but neither would surprise me) I spent a large portion of the evening pretending to be Australian (because SO MANY people we met up there were from down under). I went to a cafe with an accent (where the owners were legit Australian), I bought lift passes, I went to a bar… I drank more alcohol. LOL.

I got to read three parts today in class:

  1. A short bit from Brent Butt’s CBC show “Hiccups”
  2. A scene from a TV movie where I worked at an eyeglass store.
  3. I am now working on the role of “Lynda” from Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley

I really enjoyed the class for a few reasons. Everyone is very talented. People are working. One of the guys from the last class I attended was in a commercial I saw on TV  recently! Cool! (I still get a bit starstruck : P).

Also, I really like working with Film and Television material. I was reflecting on my time so far in the SFU Theatre Program and I noticed that often with self-directed scenes from plays I couldn’t “figure it out”. What does this line mean? How do we make the scene interesting? I needed a director or outside eye to help me put things together. Perhaps it is because of all the short film work I have done from a Director and DOP standpoint, but I really “got” the scene today. There were a couple times when the rest of the class was confused but I “got” it. That felt good, to be in on the joke. To understand.

I started to see myself in roles while rehearsing in class today. This has been a struggle with me in my ongoing journey wondering if/how I should pursue acting. I am a character. I fit into role. THAT COULD BE ME.

Overall, beautiful, wonderful day. Job well done. Mission accomplished. YES.

Nom nom nom

Being vegan I frequently get the question “What do you eat?” which is both amusing and fun to answer (generally). In my mind the more pressing question is not what I eat but where I eat. I can find something at just about every restaurant but fries aren’t always the healthiest choice. Here are some places I love to visit, let me know if you ever want an introduction : )

Awesome Restaurants in Vancity:

Gorilla Food: Raw, amazing, downtown… The decor is so cool, it’s like being inside of a tree!

The Naam: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This place in kits is purely awesome because of it’s vibe if nothing else (but the food is good too haha)

Sweet Cherubim: A cool spot on the drive, gave me a new appreciation for some Indian dishes : )

Nuba: I’ve walked by this place so many times without noticing it (right by Victory Square)! I was just introduced to it and will definitely return. More than half their menu is vegan and the dim lighting is very chill.

Restaurants I want to visit before death:

One Lucky Duck in NYC

Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco (thank you to Jason Mraz for the introduction)

Life Cafe in NYC (kudos to RENT for the introduction)

The Foundation here in Vancouver (introduction via an SFU contact and the Olympic Resistance Network haha… long story)

In The Bowl in Seattle (thanks to Teejay, see below for more on him)

Chaco Canyon Organic Café in Seattle

(I hope I got all those names right : P)

If eating out and about interests you then you should check out this blog my friend Teejay runs called, they review restaurants frequently : )