Perfect Stranger


Today a boy I met on the skytrain. We had a little skytrain romance. Before we parted he told me my boyfriend was very lucky because I am beautiful. 

So I see you

and i’m not sure if you caught my eye

or I caught yours

but we keep meeting briefly

in the middle

and I have this urge to know why

to understand

to explain

but I don’t want to ask

I don’t want to break the perfect forcefield of dilated perfection between us

so I sit

and I make up stories that I know you

or you recognize me

or you love me

and then the more I think about it

the more familiar you look

and suddenly we aren’t perfect strangers anymore

we’re just perfect


or united

I can’t tell anymore

because the past and your unfamiliar face

has become a fantasy


was a beautiful day

your face

i love the way

was a beautiful day

a lovely perfect wonderful

beautiful day

I talked about writing this, and this PostSecret I saw about how sometimes people stare at people on the train because they are beautiful, and the wondering…. and I forgot to tell him he was beautiful. And inspiring. And polite. Oops.

Also, he did not mention that I am the lucky one : )

About a Dog

Yesterday I was coming home and it wasn’t dark out yet so I decided to walk. I enjoy having these occasional introspective walks home, thinking about things and putting it all in perspective. I saw this little dog sitting in a window sill. I passed several other dogs and they all barked at me but this one was just sitting silently, watching. I wrote this poem about him.

I sit here quietly in the window sill

watching the world go by.

just quietly watching this busy road

and the people passing by.

I used to run along that street

but now i’m tired and have sore feet…

I sit here quietly in my window sill

thinking of you