I read a book called Emotional Clearing…

Body Chakras


pain is the simplist method of identifying addictions

You attract people who make you conscious of your addictions.

If processing has not brought transformation, discuss feelings.

It’s OK!

Accept Feelings, Accept Conditions, Change Conditions

“If you have not developed your capacity for loving yourself, you will be lonely regardless of who you are with.”

Bands with Girls

The Jack Bambis is Robert Downey Jr.’s son’s band. Their vocalist is female and I dig their grungy vibe.

Versaemerge is on the ever popular Fueled by Ramen label.

We Are The In Crowd toured with All Time Low this summer.



Paramore is the band of the incomparable Haley Williams. She rocks my socks.

An LA Story: Right Place at the Right Time

I met the amazing Kiel Pollit from Pressed Juicery and Astro-Health.com sitting at the bar of Cafe Gratitude LA after finishing the Kindred Spirit workshop that I was in town for.

I stayed at a super smokey hostel the night before which plugged up my sinuses. Kiel was amazingly generous and gifted me some extra carrot juice he had lying around. Perfect! It was a really magical dinner (Moby was eating behind me and three people had birthdays hehe).

After a very interesting journey to my hostel (being approached and getting to practice saying “NO” multiple times and then being mistaken for a homeless person) I finally arrived.

The hostel was very strange… there was this smokey pool and my room was super dark so I was too scared to find my bed… and there were so many random cats! I ended up talking with this nice Australian guy (and fellow Jason Mraz fan) until like 3 in the morning. When I woke up I went by the pool to take some photos of the AMAZING JUICE that Kiel gave me and then this other traveller approached me. I ended up taking these beautiful portraits of my new friend Rick. Talk about right place at the right time : )

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety;               Angustia;


Over the past weeks I have been creating that I have had several long, intense learning conversations with various people. The result of these conversations has left me feeling separate and disconnected from others. I started making up that “being a leader is too hard” and “other people don’t understand me”… even “I should just give up!”

I feel frustrated and alone when I create these thoughts.

I’ve been making myself wrong. I’ve been making myself separate, which takes away from the oneness of the world.

A few things I will remember:

They are not responding to me, nothing is personal.

Upsets are learning and growth opportunities. I embrace them!

Everyone is just doing their best, all of the time.

 I am love. You are love. Love is magic. We are all one.

SONG FRANCISCO: A Collection of Poems from my Califonia Trip


weary traveller of the early morn

I see you quiet eyes

I see your faces scorn

But these customs which have come to pass

bring us all together – uniting us at last.


This City is Poetry

So tired I don’t know up from down

trying to find my way around

loving, leaving, receiving and believing in us.

making my way in a new place

not one single familiar face

finding new friends along the way

love is, everyday.


I was meant to walk this way

to hear your song

though the way I walked was wrong

I was meant to hear your song

so long


the texture of the houses

the quality of the pigeons

thickness of the smog

the price of transit

houses! oh so many houses!

music on the bus

dancing in the aisles

Directions. Perfections.


I don’t know if this place is a dialogue or a monologue, but it is the real live cafe. What do you love about yourself?

misery loves company and happiness creates it,

but abundance knows it was there all along.

They do have loonies in the states – I feel like a pirate with all this silver and gold!


when we jump

are we falling or flying?

when we jump

are we living or dying?

have I come here by mistake

or is this a chance I was meant to take?

to let it all

fall away.

When god sends fog I choose fog.

When god sends smog I choose smog.

When love sends fog I choose fog.

When love sends smog I choose smog.

When love sends god I choose god.

NO MEANS, not now. not how.


Public art, redefined. The luggage tagged fence is a friend of mine.


I’ve been to places that don’t exist

i’ve seen faces with open lips

i’ve touched fingers that I nearly missed

and i’d do it all again


I’ve got sand in my soul and sand on my soles.

I fell asleep

to an ocean of dreams

I sailed across

to a pier of belief

and I rode the wave

of possibilities

Crabs! The butterflies of love!


“Everything is alright

let’s get fucked up and die

i’m on fire, but now I think i’m ready, to bust a move, check it out i’m rockin steady!”

“You lose so many things in this small world” – James Kirkland


Ho a pono pono

a pono pono

I’m so sorry

I wanna thank you

please forgive me

I love you

Ho a pono pono

a pono pono

There is nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you.


cal train

calt rain


secondhand soundtrack on a starry night

i’ll let you be the melody that lights me inside


I bought a one-way ticket on the early morning train

because i’m going home but i’m going away

there’s a love in my heart that is here to stay

for I hold space, in every place




Good Morning!

maybe later i’ll be back like a train on the track



Circa August 16 to 24th, 2011