I am an animal.

“I’d rather be a cannibal baby, animals like me don’t talk anyway.”

– Panic! At The Disco, The Calendar

Animals are everywhere. We are all animals.

I had an interesting conversation about how people are, in fact, animals. We have instincts and such a big part of life is learning to control them and exist with one another in a respectful and compassionate way. We are evolving like every other species. We like to think we are separate from the other creates on this earth but we have so much in common, how can you deny it?

I guess that’s part of the reason I am vegan. I have learned to live differently, I do not need to eat my brothers and sisters. We are one family. BE LOVE.

“Here we go again
We’re sick like animals
We play pretend
You’re just a cannibal
And I’m afraid I wont get out alive
No I won’t sleep tonight”

– Neon Trees, Animal

Vegan visits Portland: The Paradox Organic Cafe

I hade the…

Belmont Combo $7.95

Choose a pancake, French toast or a waffle; sausage or potatoes; one egg or tofu.

I had to get my brother to change my order because I didn’t realize the sausage was vegan (btw BEST VEGAN BREAKFAST SAUSAGE EVER), and I couldn’t miss out on that. The French Toast was also amazing, so thick and delicious (I think they put some vegan creme cheese in the mix om nom nom). I got it with tofu and I put this local hot sauce on it that everyone seems to enjoy.

I love that when they bring your food out they ask you if you want Braggs or Nutritional Yeast with it… most people in BC don’t even know what nutritional yeast is! haha : D


EDIT: OH, and the bathroom was space themed (they had an underwater one too) hehehe

#IC25 silence sleeps tonight

#IC25 #invisiblechildren

Right now, I am being silent for Invisible Children’s campaign 25. One hour of silence for each of the 25 years of war Central Africa has endured. We can stop this.

As a fairly theatrical person I have observed that I use my body so much more when I cannot use my voice. My gestures, my grunts and laughter, they are all amplified. Silence amps up our other tools for communication. I am grateful for my body and my literacy right now. They are both helping me communicate. I am sad that not everyone has this luxury. That is why I am doing this I suppose.

I am also enjoying listening. Absorbing information from other people and relishing in these moments of thoughtful reflection I am privy to.

One world. One peace.

We are the change. See you in the morning world.

A Poem on a Train to Portland

train tunnel

train tunnel by artnoose on Flickr

the inside of a mile-long tunnel,

looks a lot like night.

the path we tread has a lot to say,

about our outlook on life.

even in the night,

you must believe there is a light,

and you’ll see it at the end of the day,

or if you’re lucky,

you can see it in everyone, in every way.


Ethical Clothing

I found this in my folder of “to post to blog stuff” just as I get an e-mail from Me to We Style about ethical shirts! We can make better choices!

I don’t understand.

It all started with a shirt.

This has happened to me a few times. My personal philosophy is to not buy any clothing that is made unethically. So no clothes from sweatshops. This means supporting eco-friendly and fair trade companies in hope that unethical working conditions will come to an end. So what do i do when someone gives me a shirt? For groups and conferences I am involved in I have gotten a few shirts. I have tried returning them but that is somewhat socially awkward. At the moment I have one within my possession. When I hold it I feel a little sick inside looking at the “Made in Nickaragua” tag. I have been trying to use positivity in my life as much as possible lately and I have found that responding to something with positivity is always the best path. How do I deal with this positively though? Do should a horray because someone in a sweatshop got paid a low wage, low but better than nothing? This continues to support the oppressive system. And if it really is the right thing to do then why do I feel so shitty right now?

How would I want to be treated? This comes back to my one and only rule: treat other the way you want to be treated. I think personally i’d want to work in a fair environment with pleasant conditions that allow me to lead a pleasant life.

I guess there’s a difference between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy and I understand that sometimes doing the right thing is challenging but how do you separate challenging from wrong?

Here’s to better buying practices! Let’s do it!

Meeting Craig Kielburger

On Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of attending a business event where I got to meet Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free the Children.

I have met some people that are really obsessed with Craig and despite how amazing he is, I am blessed to have stayed out of the “fangirl” zone. However, I was captivated by his interpersonal skills. Each time I have encountered him (mainly at We Day) I am captivated by his ability to connect with people and inspire them. Things like a smile, eye contact, a firm handshake (with elbow touching?), and using someone’s name really go a long way.

Hearing him speak really brought up many emotions for me. I was go grateful to have a reminder to BE THE CHANGE. Whenever I am motivated by someone I feel this funny feeling inside. I noticed it especially when watching inspirational videos. It is like someone has tied a string around my heart and is connecting it with the hearts of others. I kid you not, this is a very physical, embodied experience. I was almost in tears. I think that’s why I love film so much, you have the power to really affect people.

The event I attended was centered around Haiti and it was really interesting to reflect back on what happened a year ago. Had I forgotten? Do we ever really forget?

I’ll end with this. What motivates you? And what are you doing to make the world better? Think about that. Everyday.

PS: I wore my vegan Doc Martins. Yeah.